10 Marble Accessories For Every Room In The House

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    10 Marble Accessories For Every Room In The House

    10 Marble Accessories For Every Room In The House
    Daily Mail

    Interior design has a long history. So long, in fact, that it pretty much stretches back to the first time human beings built shelters and had to distinguish indoors from outdoors. Since then, there's been an innumerable amount of trends. Some come and go, others go and come back. But there's some, a select few, that have been so consistently a part of what  is considered to be good design, even across cultures, that it's hard to think of them as trends.

    One of these fundamental design elements...MORE is marble. While it's history in interior design may not go as far back as patterns like chevrons or stripes, it reaches back at least as far as Roman colosseums and Greek temples. Since then, it's distinctive look and exciting array of colors has kept marble a consistent part of many of the best designed - and most expensive - interiors in history. So today, when we say that there is a trend in marble accessories sweeping through modern interiors, it's not so much the resurgence of something old, as it is a reimagining of something that never seems to get old.

    Unlike in times past, bringing a touch of marble to your home today won't necessarily include large slabs of expensive stone. Today's aesthetic is much more about small touches that uplift a design scheme or pieces that evoke the feel of the stone. To give you a glimpse of the possibilities with this new old trend, here are 10 marble accessories that will look great in every room of your home.

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    West Elm Marble Oval Coffee Table

    Marble Accessories For Every Room In The Home
    West Elm

    Now we're not saying that big slabs of stone aren't still a big part of the marble trend. Quite the contrary. Tables topped with precisely cut marble pieces are as highly prized as ever. West Elm's Marble Oval Coffee Table is a perfect example. Beginning with an artfully shaped, brass-finished metal base, the table is completed with an oblong marble slab. A sleek-looking piece, this table is a great option for a living room in need of a little luxury or a finishing touch.  

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    Menu Chunks Marble Candle Holders

    10 Marble Accessories For Every Room In The House

    On the much smaller end of the scale, Menu Chunk's Marble Candle Holders offer just a hint of marble. Shaped from raw stone, this accessory is paired with a copper top to catch and accentuate the candle's glow for an even bigger impact on the mood of the room. Available in various sizes, these stylish little candle holders - in groups of two or four - are the perfect way to set the mood for a relaxing bath or a romantic dinner.

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    Grey Ebru Marble Ceramic Serving Bowl

    Marble Accessories For Every Room In The Home
    Simple Life Istanbul

    Of course, you don't always need to actually have marble to get a marble look. This ceramic serving bowl from Simple Life Istanbul gives you the look of marble in a lightweight, multi-purpose vessel. Instead of using paint to create the signature patterns in this bowl, Turkish artisans hand blend a variety of different clays to achieve this marbled look. This is another wonderful piece to add in the bathroom, kitchen or entryway - anywhere you could use some extra storage and a bit of style. 

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    Crate & Barrel Marble Kitchen Accessories

    Marble Accessories For Every Room In The House
    Crate & Barrel

    For the kitchen, Crate & Barrel has truly embraced the marble trend. From utensil holders to pastry slabs, rolling pins, and cheese plates, they've got just about everything you need to deck your entire kitchen out in marble style.

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    Arteriors Sidney Snow Marble and Brass Table Lamp

    Marble Accessories For Every Room In The House

    Marble is even having an impact on lighting.  Arteriors' Sidney Snow Marble and Brass Table Lamp is an understated yet sculptural piece. Hand crafted with brass fixtures and a natural finish, it's a lamp that brings more than light to its interiors.

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    Cappellini Bong Side Table

    Marble Accessories For Every Room In The House
    The Design Files

    A rounded fiberglass table with a faux-marble pattern, the Cappellini Bong Side Table is a modern piece that can find a place in any number of rooms. Whether as a side table in the bedroom or a lamp table in the living room, it's eye-catching design and marble coloring are sure to be a welcome addition to the decor.

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    Ted Baker Marble Print Duvet Cover

    Marble Accessories For Every Room In The House
    Ted Baker

    If you love the look of marble but don't feel the need to be quite so literal when incorporating it into your decor, you're not alone. There are literally dozens of textiles with marble-inspired designs that will bring the luxe feel to your space in a more interpretive way. This marble print duvet cover from London-based brand, Ted Baker, features mesmerizing waves of blue, white and shades of gray that whisk around in a playful rendition of marble's natural design; a beautiful...MORE addition to any bedroom.

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    UniqFind Marble Macbook Skins

    Marble Accessories For Every Room In The Home
    Only Deco Love

    If you've always felt like your laptop could use a little more class, this could be the look you've been waiting for. Available in white or black, these skins from UniqFind are laser cut to fit all macbook models while giving them a stylish marble facelift. Designed to keep your mac light and airy, these soft coverings add almost no weight, while those interested in added protection can pair the skin with a clear, hard covering for greater durability.

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    Queu Queu White Marble Iphone 6/S Case

    Marble Accessories For Every Room In The House
    North Fashion

    Finally, if your love of marble is so strong that you can't bear to leave it at home, this white, marble-inspired iPhone case will let you take a bit of marble's eye-pleasing looks with you everywhere you go.

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