19 Marble Backsplash Ideas for Every Decor Taste

black tile kitchen

 April Tomlin Interiors

Marble is a classic building material perfect for adding both beauty and protection around sinks and countertops. From giant slabs to teeny tiles, see the many ways you can incorporate a marble backsplash in your living spaces.

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    Hexagon Tiles in White Thassos Marble

    Thasso marble kitchen backsplash in an all white kitchen with blue floor tile
    Daniela Benloulou Interiors

    When renovating this modern kitchen, Daniela Benloulou Interiors installed a pretty backsplash made up of hexagon tiles in polished, Thassos marble. The natural stone material is the same crisp color of refined sugar. We love how the subtle, repeating pattern of the bright white tiles offsets the colorful floor.

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    Herringbone Backsplash in Honed Carrara Marble

    iridescent marble tiles herringbone backsplash
    Karen Berke Meyer Home

    The interior design team at Karen Berke Meyer Home enlivened this neutral kitchen with a herringbone backsplash in honed Carrara marble. The lively pattern truly elevates the cooking space. Note how the white and gray tiles mirror the luxurious marble countertop.

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    Luxurious Marble Slab Backsplash

    sky blue marble backsplash and counter tops in a white kitchen
    Ella Scott Design

    A marble slab backsplash makes a gorgeous statement in this cooking space by Ella Scott Design. The white stone features vibrant blue veins in a dramatic diagonal pattern. It transforms what could have been just a traditional kitchen into an extraordinarily beautiful space for preparing meals and entertaining.

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    Marble Waterfall Sink With Matching Backsplash

    waterfall marble sink with compact backsplash in a farmhouse-style bathroom
    Julie Couch Interior Design

    Get the elegant and luxurious look of marble with this idea by Julie Couch Interior Design. The design team gave this modern farmhouse bathroom a chic lift with a marble waterfall-inspired vanity with a small matching backsplash.

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    Gray Marble Sink With Matching Backsplash

    Marble sink and backsplash in bathroom with marble swirl wallpaper
    Rachel Halvorson Design

    A drop dead gorgeous powder room by Rachel Halvorson Design combines different marble patterns to an excellent effect. The chunky gray marble sink comes with a matching backsplash. Notice how the gray veins in both lean in the same direction creating a sense of continuity. Covering the rest of the wall is patterned marble wallpaper in a swirly design. It amplifies the stylish impact of the natural stone sink.

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    White Himalaya Marble Backsplash

    A kitchen with black honed marble countertops and a white marble backsplash
    Strickland Mateljan Architecture

    Marble comes in many colors that can be beautifully mixed and matched. Strickland Mateljan Architecture installed both white and black marble countertops in this contemporary kitchen. The slab backsplash is white Himalaya marble. This particular piece was cherry-picked for its subtle yet lovely gray veins.

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    How to Create a Stunning Marble Focal Point

    A transitional kitchen with herringbone marble tile and gold and silver accents
    New River Building Company

    Have you got high ceilings? Make the most of them with a countertop to ceiling backsplash. Thistransitional kitchen by New River Building Company does just that with a herringbone marble mosaic. It transforms the wall into a stunning focal point. It is exhilarating how the gray and white tiles add exciting contrast to the neutral cooking space.

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    Combine Marble in Cool and Warm Tones

    Counter to ceiling marble backsplash in a white kitchen
    Ellen Grasso and Sons

    Ellen Grasso and Sons punched up these kitchen walls with marble subway tile. The cool, light gray tiles standout against the warm, beige countertop, which is also marble.

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    Dark Grout Makes Marble Tile Pop

    Marble tile backsplash with black grout on kitchen wet bar
    Studio Dearborn

    Charcoal gray grout gives this Carrara marble tile backsplash in a kitchen wet bar by Studio Dearborn a masculine edge. The grout also mirrors the color of the soapstone countertop. The frosting on this proverbial cake is the brass faucet. It is a chic and classic feature guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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    How to Turn a Powder Room into a Little Oasis

    blue marble backsplash in the shape of wave tiles behind a silver sink
    Kristen Biagini Designs

    We mentioned earlier that marble tile comes in many colors and shapes. When making over this wet bar area, Kristen Biagini Designs wanted to create a soothing feeling. So the interior designer went with a backsplash made of blue marble in a fluid wave pattern. Adding to the room's relaxing vibe is the gray quartz countertop. While this serves as a wet bar backsplash, this is the perfect type of color and tile shape for a tranquil powder room makeover.

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    Combine a Marble Backsplash With Metallic Accents

    Marble covered walls in luxury kitchen
    Jaimee Rose Interior Design

    Rows and rows of marble subway tile cover the walls of this cooking space by Jaimee Rose Interior Design. Marble combines beautifully with metallic colors. Here the material is paired with striking gold-toned accents.

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    Square Marble Tile Backsplash

    Square marble tiles in white and black kitchen
    Kelly Nutt Design

    Backsplash tile comes in an exciting range of shapes and sizes. Square tile is an old school favorite popping up in new kitchens as in this example by Kelly Nutt Design. The marble backsplash adds ageless style and appeal to the cooking space. It also pairs wonderfully with the soapstone countertops.

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    Butler's Kitchen With Marble Backsplash

    Black and white butler pantry kitchen with gold details
    Martha O'Hara Interiors

    Teensy marble tiles grab your attention in this black and white butler's kitchen by Martha O'Hara Interiors. The pattern of the eye-catching backsplash differentiates it from the marble countertop. Another idea worth stealing from this stylish space is mixing sheen levels. Note how the honed marble compliments the glossy cabinetry.

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    Combine a Marble Backsplash With a Marble Apron Front Sink

    black marble backsplash and sink atop of white cabinetry
    Stephanie Gamble Interiors.

    Pull out all the stops with several resilient features in black marble as shown in this kitchen for instance by Stephanie Gamble Interiors. At the center of it all is a marble apron front sink. The countertops and backsplash were cut from the same type of stone. The backsplash features a top lip that doubles a handy shelf.

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    Marble Pedestal Sink With Built-In Backsplash

    white marble backsplash and sink in a bathroom with gold fixtures
    Kristen Biagini Designs

    Pedestal sinks have a classic appeal. Going with a Carrera marble option with brass legs pushes the style envelope. The one in this chic bathroom by Kristen Biagini Designs is equipped with a mini backsplash. Topping it all off are the gold fixtures, which are both luxe and timeless.

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    Mini Marble Tiles Make a Big Statement

    mini tiny gray marble tile backsplash in a white kitchen
    Breeze Giannasio

    Create a show-stopping backsplash with mini marble tiles in alternating shades of crisp white and steely gray. Interior designer Breeze Giannasio selected the tiles to match the marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. The backsplash also offsets the white shaker cabinetry. 

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    Minimalist White Kitchen Makes a Big Splash

    White and gray marble backsplash in modern kitchen with black and gold accents
    Nicholas Lawrence Design

    This minimalist kitchen by Nicholas Lawrence Design does not skimp on style thanks to the stunning white marble slab backsplash with web-like charcoal veins. Floating wood shelves add both function and visual interest.

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    Black and Blue Kitchen With a Marble Backsplash

    black and blue kitchen with black marble countertops and backsplash
    Black Lacquer Design

    Slabs of marble with lightening-like white veins demand attention in this mostly black and blue kitchen by Black Lacquer Design. Because the veins run in the same direction, they draw the eyes around the cooking space.

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    Large Marble Tiles Are the Epitome of Luxury

    black herringbone marble tile kitchen with gold accents and white marble countertops
    April Tomlin Interiors

    Large herringbone marble mosaic tile spells luxury in this black kitchen by April Tomlin Interiors. The dramatic white veining is what makes the backsplash the crowning jewel of the cooking space.