Mardi Gras or Carnival Mask Needlepoint Chart

A Simple Mask Needlepoint Design for Halloween, Mardi Gras & Carnival Time

Day 48-Mardi Gras Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

At carnival time, people wear masks and colorful costumes and participate in parades, parties and other frenzied festivities. The same is true for Mardi Gras and Halloween as well. With this super cute carnival mask needlepoint pattern, you can stitch different versions in assorted colors to celebrate each occasion.


A Super Simple Needlepoint Project

With a small needlepoint design area that’s 50 stitches wide and 29 stitches high, you can take this pattern with you wherever you go to work on in spare moments.

 The easy project uses small quantities of scrap needlepoint canvas and leftover fibers and threads; which makes it very economical as these items are most likely already in your needlepoint stash.

Although you may have different types of needlepoint canvas on hand, only single thread canvas or perforated paper and plastic canvas should be used to work the design. You can easily change the size of the project by selecting different mesh sizes from #5 to #10 for a larger completed design, or #18 to #24 for a very small design.

Use the deep rich red, dark green, brown and gray colors in the carnival mask needlepoint chart; or mix and match other vibrant colored threads to stitch multiple copies. You are only limited by your imagination. Add sequins, tiny seed beads, miniature bells, feathers and other embellishments and found objects to further accent and make your masks unique.

Stitching the Carnival Mask Needlepoint Project

Basic tent needlepoint stitches are all that’s needed; however, you can experiment with other stitches for effect, specialty needlepoint fibers and creative surface stitch techniques to make your needlepoint exciting.

This is an excellent project for beginners and children to learn how to needlepoint. So, gather together the free needlepoint chart, canvas, thread, scissors, and a few tapestry needles to have some stitching fun today. Here are some quick stitching tips that will help make the project a success!

  • Whip-stitch the edges of the canvas to keep it from fraying while you work, or bind them with masking tape.
  • Use a frame or stretcher bars to work the design--especially if you plan to work with novelty threads or couched embellishments.
  • Use a blunt tip tapestry needle for stitching as it will glide easily through the canvas without snagging the threads or canvas meshes. Select a size with an eye that is slightly larger than the thread you will use.
  • A good working length for thread is 18 inches for this project. Feel free to shorten the length if the thread begins to fray or pill.
  • For ease in working with multiple colors, thread a needle for each color, keeping all thread and needles not in use on the wrong side of the work and to the side until needed for stitching.
  • Start stitching in the center of the design and work outwards in which ever direction is most comfortable for you. Fill in the complete design first; and then work the background.

Don’t worry about breaking any “needlepoint rules” when working this design.It's so simple, just follow the pattern and while stitching, experience the fun of being at a carnival by recalling pleasant memories of Ferris Wheel rides, carousels, cotton candy, popcorn, carnival music and games.