Mardi Gras Crafts and Activities

Find many fun ideas for Mardi Gras crafts, games, and other activities

Mardi gras masks
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Mardi Gras day is on Tuesday, February 12th in 2013. The date for Mardi Gras, also called Fat Tuesday, changes every year; it is always 46 days before Easter.

Some things associated with this special day are parades, parties, beads, and masks. There are 3 colors associated with Mardi Gras: Purple (symbolizes justice), Green (symbolizes faith), and Gold (symbolizes power).

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Make these fun crafts - great for decorations and party favors, or make them just for the fun of it.


  • Make a purple, gold, and green collage.


  • Create your own miniature Mardi Gras Float.


  • Make a mask!


  • Make a fun craft foam crown or a purple, green, and gold jester hat.


  • Make some homemade beads for necklaces or some of these other jewlery crafts.


  • Homemade Mardi Gras party poppers would make a nice tabletop decoration and gift.


  • Here are patterns for beaded safety pins: Mardi Gras Masks and Mardi Gras Beads.


  • Cut small circles out of paper or lightweight cardboard. Paint them gold and make a handful of Doubloons (similar to these gold coins).


  • If you will be going to a Mardi Gras parade, make a treasure sack to put all your goodies in.


  • Celebrate with an easy-to-make Mardi Gras Noise Maker or some of these other musical crafts.


  • Make some greeting cards using this Mardi Gras clip art.


Here are some easy decorating ideas you can use to add some festive color to any room.


  • Make fancy purple, green, and gold candles and candle holders to set up around the room.


  • Hang up green, purple, or gold streamers or curling ribbon. You can also make paper chains.


  • String purple, green, and gold Christmas tree lights around the room.


  • Make your own confetti by using a paper punch on construction paper. You can even buy paper punches in fancy shapes at craft stores.


  • Make a festive pinata for a fun decoration or as a party game.


Here are some suggestions for more Mardi Gras activities along with some additional resources.


  • Put on your own parade. Decorate everything with purple, gold, and green streamers.


  • Learn about King Cakes and then try making one.


  • Go on a pretend treasure hunt to find Doubloons.


  • Read this page with many Mardi Gras FAQs.


  • Try some of these Creole Recipes.


  • Explore some Mardi Gras activities and crafts from ChildFun.