Let the Good Times Roll!: Mardi Gras Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Let the good times roll with Mardi Gras cross stitch

Time to mix up a batch of Hurricanes, throw on some Zydeco music and let the good times roll! Mardi Gras is the time for bright colors, exciting music and fun cross stitch!  You don't have to be from New Orleans to let the good times roll! You can sit back in the luxury of your own house and enjoy the best of times. You can even add some beads into the mix for the full effect.Whip up a batch of hurricanes and grab your favorite pattern!  Below is a sampling of the fun Mardi Gras cross stitch...MORE patterns from around the internet. Let's have some fun, some good food and some good stitching! 

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    Hide Yo' Face!

    Mardi Gras masks
    Lasting Allure

     One of the most iconic images of Mardi Gras is the mask. You want to keep that face covered so no one will give away your secrets when you have your feet on Bourbon Street. You can be whoever you want with your mask on. You can be king of the parade and your boss will never know! It's like a free pass for calling in sick to work.  Can't make it to New Orleans this year? Why not stitch up these pretty masks by Lasting Allure. This pattern could also be stitched up as a reminder of that...MORE wild time! 

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    Happy Day!

    Happy Mardi Gras
    123 Cross stitch

     Are you having a Mardi Gras party? Why not wow your guests with this very special welcome. Stitcherhood has created a Happy Mardi Gras pattern that would love great on a wreath or at a food table. Once the party is over, you can give the cross stitch to the person with the best costume. It will be a reminder of their wild time.  You can stitch it up in traditional Mardi Gras colors or customize to fit your decor. 

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    Sippy Sip

    Let's Party!
    Angel's Nook

    Can we get a little shout from the ladies in the audience? HEEEYYYYY! Time to mix up a cocktail and see what kind of trouble we can get into. The Angel's Nook has this great pattern to celebrate the fun cocktails that each of us love. If you can't make it to Mardi Gras, why not mix up a batch of Hurricanes and stitch.  If a hurricane isn't your thing, there are many cocktail themed patterns out there. Just remember! Don't drink and stitch and certainly do not remove your...MORE clothing! Well...if you are stitching alone at home, I think it is okay. Just close the blinds! You can purchase the pattern on her Etsy shop site. 

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    Back to Reality

    Pretend it's Lent
    Leave you in stitches

    You had a wild time at Mardi Gras but now it is back to reality. Lent begins the day after and you are suppose to give up a bad habit or make a new one. What are you willing to give up? Maybe it's that bad relationship you started when you jumped on the Mardi Gras float and kissed that 20 year old. If that's the case, stitch this up for him and let him down easy. I know it will break his heart but you have to do it. I'm sure he will get over in a couple of years. You will just leave...MORE a scar on his heart.  Leave You In Stitches has some great sassy patterns for you to stitch up. You can find this pattern on herEtsy shop.

Whew! What a wild time! We ate good food, drank some yummy drinks and danced on floats...or at least we did with our cross stitch! Can you believe how crazy we got! Let's hope that no one got it on video. We all might be in trouble. Now it's time to get back to reality and give it all up till next year's Mardi Gras. Wait..let's not give it up! We want to let the good times roll! Who is up for another round? Let's head back to Bourbon Street and stitch!