Mariette Mifflin

Mariette Mifflin has been covering housewares and appliances for since 2005.


With a background in energy distribution and decades of practical experience with housewares and appliances, Mariette has answers to your questions and tips to help you buy suitable products for your home. She knows product functionality and has a keen interest in innovative designs and new product development. An avid product tester who loves to use and report on new products. She has been featured in HomeLife and House & Garden magazines, as well as in the Chicago Sun Times online edition.

Mariette Mifflin

My goal is not only to give you sound, practical buying advice, but also provide tips on how to use and maintain your housewares and appliances, so your home can operate more efficiently - even after the purchase.

I strive to provide honest non-biased product reviews because I'm concerned about what my readers buy. Completed reviews are published before the link is provided to the shipper. My goal with product reviews is to help readers make informed buying decisions.

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