Take a Look at Marilyn Monroe's Los Angeles House

marilyn monroe house
Aerial view of Monroe's Hacienda-style house. Mel Bouzad/Getty Images
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    Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Home

    marilyn monroe swimming pool
    The actress strikes a distinctly "Marilyn" pose next to a Hollywood swimming pool. Getty Images

    Marilyn Monroe lived in her Brentwood home in Los Angeles for only about a few months before her life came to a tragic end in 1962. Although Marilyn lived in 43 different homes in her lifetime, this was the only one she owned. Reportedly, she purchased it after her psychiatrist advised her to "put down some roots." 

    It was during the six months that Monroe lived in the Brentwood house that she made one of her last public appearance—the infamous presentation of the song "Happy...MORE Birthday, Mr. President" at John F. Kennedy's birthday gala. Less than 18 months after that birthday celebration, both Monroe and JFK would be dead.

    Monroe's life was somewhat tragic from the very beginning, and she never had an actual home. Born to an unwed young mother who was institutionalized on and off throughout Marilyn's life for mental illness, Marilyn (born Norma Jean) lived in often-abusive foster homes and an orphanage and attended nine schools while growing up. Her first marriage was in her teens to a neighbor of her foster family, who was a soldier during World War II.

    The home was purchased by Marilyn Monroe in early 1962 and was last on the market in 2017. In the interim years, it was the residence of at least two celebrities, including actress Veronica Hamel (HIll Street Blues) and Anna Nicole Smith. Most of the other owners, however, were not celebrities.

    During remodeling by Veronica Hamel and her husband, extensive surveillance and bugging equipment was found buried in the walls of the home. This is thought to have been installed secretly during the time Marilyn Monroe was involved with John F. Kennedy in the early 1960s, although this has never been verified. 

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    Marilyn Monroe Relaxing at Home

    marilyn monroe on patio lounger
    Monroe poses for one of her cheesecake shots in a typical California backyard setting. Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

    Marilyn Monroe only lived in her Brentwood, California, house for about six months before her life came to a tragic end on August 4, 1962. The one-story hacienda-style house was built in 1929 and is situated behind tall gates at the end of a quiet cul de sac on more than half an acre of tree-filled grounds. The four-bedroom, three-bath home features a sparkling freeform pool, an expansive yard, citrus grove and beautiful views.

    As of 2017 when the home went up for sale again, it was listed for...MORE sale at $6.9 million.

    Although Marilyn Monroe lived in houses with ex-husbands Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, this house in Southern California was the first she bought and chose on her own.

    Located at 12305 5th Helena Drive, Monroe's L-shaped Spanish colonial originally had adobe walls and a red-tile roof. It also had two bedrooms instead of the four it has now, along with a small guesthouse. To decorate in the home's Spanish style, Monroe went on shopping trips to Tijuana and Mexico City, where she bought tiles, tin masks, mirrors, and textiles.

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    Front of Marilyn Monroe's House

    marilyn monroe house la
    Outdoor Features of the Monroe House in Brentwood Front courtyard of Marilyn Monroe's Los Angeles house. realtor.com

    Marilyn Monroe bought the hacienda in February 1962. Some sources say the selling price was $77,500, while others have it as $90,000. She reportedly paid for half of it with cash and took out a mortgage for the rest. She had moved back to Los Angeles after her marriage to playwright Arthur Miller broke up, following the filming of The Misfits in 1960. 

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    Marilyn's Freeform Pool

    marilyn monroe swimming pool
    Marilyn Monroe House The pool where Monroe might have taken moonlight swims. realtor.com

    Marilyn Monroe's single-level Spanish-style house was the perfect setting for a freeform swimming pool, which was a popular shape for inground pools at the time. Obviously, Monroe was not the first owner—the house was built in 1929.

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    Marilyn's Bedroom

    marilyn monroe's bedroom
    Marilyn Monroe House Marilyn Monroe's bedroom at her Brentwood house. realtor.com

    Marilyn Monroe's bedroom had a fireplace and doors leading to a courtyard patio. Nothing extravagant—especially by today's standards—but it was a home to the actress who had very few residences that she could call home. 

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    Marilyn Monroe's Patio and Pool

    marilyn monroe's pool and patio
    Where the Legend Lived the Last 6 Months of Her Life Outdoor Features of the Monroe House in Brentwood. realtor.com

    A simple but attractive brick patio joins Marilyn Monroe's house with her swimming pool. According to an article in Architectural Digest, Monroe casually referred to the hacienda as “a cute little Mexican-style house with eight rooms” and added, “I live alone and I hate it!”

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    Marilyn Monroe's Office and Courtyard

    marilyn monroe office and house
    The Office with Easy Access to the Patio and Pool The office opens to the patio and yard at Monroe's LA house. realtor.com

    Like Marilyn Monroe's bedroom, the office opens out to the brick courtyard patio and pool area, blending indoors and outdoors in true Southern California style.

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    Marilyn Monroe's Pool and Garden

    marilyn monroe house and yard
    Marilyn Monroe Brentwood House The lovely backyard landscaping at Monroe's Brentwood home. realtor.com

    This is another view of Marilyn Monroe's beautifully landscaped yard, patio, pool, and one-story Spanish hacienda. Inscribed on tiles embedded in the front stoop of Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood house were the latin words Cursum Perficio, which means "My journey is over" or "I have completed my journey."

    Sadly, the words came true for Monroe six months after moving into the Los Angeles area home.

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    Marilyn in Happier Times

    marilyn monroe swinging from tree
    Marilyn Monroe's Last Stop Marilyn Monroe swings from a tree. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

    In this publicity photo, actress Marilyn Monroe swings playfully from a tree during a photo session in the Beverly Hills backyard of Hollywood agent Johnny Hyde in 1950.