Marisa Casciano

Marisa Casciano

Marisa is the Senior Editor for Appliances, Cleaning, and Organizing for The Spruce. She has written for several digital outlets, such as Elite Daily, InStyle, and Real Simple.


  • Marisa has worked on commerce content for The Spruce since September 2020.
  • She has a Bachelor of Journalism and Fine Arts from Quinnipiac University.
  • She has interviewed leaders in finance, sustainability, travel, food, organization, and wellness.


Marisa is a passionate and driven content creator who has contributed to many digital outlets, including Elite Daily and InStyle. She started a lifestyle blog back in 2015, and launched into her career after graduating with a journalism degree in 2017. Her work has always centered around the lifestyle beat and often has a creative, yet informative tone. She studied art and culture in Florence, Italy, and is always diving into new recipes. For The Spruce, she's written 15+ articles on large appliances like washers and dryers, wine fridges, and gas cooktops, and more.


Education: Quinnipiac University
Title: Senior Editor for Appliances, Cleaning, and Organizing

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