This Cooling Pillow Was a Game-Changer for My Sleep Routine—and It's on Sale

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Marlow pillow

Image Treatment by The Spruce / Marlow

As a home editor and a lover of sleep and all things cozy, I've tried a lot of products that fail to deliver on their promises: cooling pillows that don't cool, fluffy comforters that quickly turn flat, sheet sets that lose their soft texture after one wash.

But I am nothing if not an optimist. When I heard about The Marlow pillow, I was hopeful. Fully adjustable? Intriguing. Antimicrobial? Great. Breathable and cooling fibers? Count this hot sleeper in.

And I'm pleased to say, several weeks later, The Marlow has become my most beloved item on my bed.

As soon as I got the pillow, I couldn't wait to try it. I had my old pillow for a few years and, while there wasn't necessarily anything wrong with it, I figured it was time for an upgrade.

The neatest feature of The Marlow is the two zippers on the sides. This is what makes the pillow adjustable. Leave both zippers closed and you have the firmest option. Unzip one side and you have a medium firmness. Unzip both sides, and you have a softer pillow.

I like my pillows somewhere in between—not too soft but not too firm—so I opted to try it with just one zipper closed; and I haven't changed the setting since I've been using it. It's a really nice level of softness—just enough to cradle my head and make me feel like I'm on a cloud, but firm enough that my neck feels supported.

I also noticed the cooling fabric almost immediately. I do, on occasion, wake up in the night pretty warm and sometimes sweaty, even in the middle of winter. (Living on the top floor of a brownstone where we receive the residual heat from our downstairs neighbors doesn't help.) But I can honestly say that, since using The Marlow pillow, I haven't woken up overheated.

I've tried other cooling pillows made of foam, which have been a bit too solid for my liking. I like that The Marlow is made of gel-infused memory foam, but not one single piece: instead, the filling is made up of small pieces so it's softer and cushier.

Long story short: this pillow is just so comfortable.

I'm not a sleep expert, so I can't say for sure that it's because of this pillow and this pillow alone, but I have noticed a big improvement in my sleep in general over the last few weeks. I am sleeping more deeply and waking up less often, and haven't changed much else about my sleep routine.

The Marlow currently retails for $65, but you can snag it during their Sleep Week Sale for 20% from March 9 through 20. And you can even combine that discount with their regular discount for bundling: 20% off for two to three pillows, and 30% off for four or more pillows.

While this pillow has truly become a beloved part of my bed, making me even more excited to sleep (and I really love to sleep), there's just one thing wrong with it: my husband is mad that I didn't get one for him too.

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