5 New Mashed Potato Recipes to Match with Your Favorite Meals

The great thing about plain, old fashion mashed potatoes is that they go with almost any meat, poultry or seafood recipe. It's no wonder this comforting starch is one of America's most popular side dishes.However, sometimes the occasion calls for something a little more adventurous. Below you'll find five easy and flavorful variations on the classic mashed potato.Each recipe is meant to pair especially well with a particular protein. Of course, these are just suggestions, and lots of...MORE experimental mixing and matching is highly recommended!
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    Lemon and fresh thyme are a great combination, and will really shine when served with fresh seafood. Some suggestions would include; seared scallops, grilled shrimp, broiled salmon, and creamed cod.
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    Horseradish and horseradish sauces have long been served along side beef to bring out the meaty goodness. You may be surprised how well it works when used to spike mashed potatoes. You can experiment with adding more or less horseradish according to your own tastes, as well as try grating in some fresh horseradish when available.

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    There's something about tarragon that really accents the flavor of chicken, and other poultry dishes. The tangy mustard along with the fresh herb in this mashed potato recipe make a very classic combination of flavors. Try this recipe with southern fried chicken, turkey cutlets, or a simple grilled chicken breast.

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    Sautéed onions gives this mashed potato recipe a nice layer of sweetness, which is perfect with the sage. Be sure to use fresh sage for this dish, as the dried sage won't have the same flavor. This would be wonderful with a slow-roasted pork shoulder, some country sausage, or a thick, double-cut pork chop.
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    Greek-Americans often use olive oil, olives, and cumin to spice their lamb recipes. Here we're using those same flavors to make ordinary mashed potatoes into something more exotic. The briny olives really make it a great side dish for lamb dishes of all sorts. One tip however - if your going to serve this mashed potato recipe with lamb, don't repeat the