10 Multi-Purpose Mason Jars For Your Kitchen

These Farm Favorites are Perfect for Decorating and Drinking!

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​We love the look of mason jars in the kitchen—especially because they can be used for just about anything. Whether you need a new set of drinking vessels or are looking for a creative and attractive way to store your dried goods, we found 10 mason jars that will serve your needs. (And a few that are definitely just for fun!)

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    Monogramed Mason Jars


    If you're in the market for mason jars designated strictly for drinking, we love these monogrammed jars from Culver, which you can find at Macys. These work well as a gift of course, but would make an excellent house-warming gift for you and your roommate or spouse, because "treat yourself!" right?

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    Ball Crystal Quilted Canning Jars

    Bed Bath & Beyond

    While these small, pretty jars really are meant for canning, we think they make for a great set of matching juice glasses. And since they'll run you just about $1 each, you don't have to be precious about their use, either. How fun would it be to make a batch of cocktails and serve them in these with little umbrellas, by the way!

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    Tulip Jars

    Williams Sonoma

    Not exactly a traditional "mason" jar, we love the pretty shape of these Weck jars we found at Williams Sonoma. They'd make great drinking vessels, but also work well for storing extra anything in the fridge—soup, salad dressing, chopped vegetables—you name it. The tulip shape is rather feminine and certainly a bit more modern than the usual mason jar, so we could even see ourselves using these as casual wine glasses on weeknights.

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    Mason Jars with Straws and Lids


    What could be more perfect for a backyard picnic than these mason jars with lids, straws and handles? Just imagine pouring a big, icy drink of lemonade or iced tea into one of these and laying out on a blanket in the sun with your favorite book. Wow, is it June yet?

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    Blue Mason Jars

    World Market

    What else are mason jars great for in the kitchen? Storing just about anything, from tea bags to dry goods, coffee, pasta, etc. We love these blue jars from World Market because they stand out slightly, and would look great displayed on open shelving.

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    Mini Mason Jar Toothpick Holder

    Fishs Eddy

    What is this cute and tiny little thing? Well it's not technically a mason jar—but it is shaped like one! This darling ceramic toothpick holder is so adorable and specific we couldn't resist including it here. Think of it as the perfect unexpected addition to your usual cheese plate game. 

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    Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser


    For those looking for a handy modification to your typical mason jar, this beverage dispenser delivers that same aesthetic with much more purpose. Whether you make a big batch of cucumber water to keep in the fridge (like a spa!) or a large punch for your next party, this dispenser will come in handy in more ways than one.

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    1 Gallon Mason Jar


    This gallon mason jar is great for storing pasta or coffee, but could be used out of the kitchen, too. You could store everything from loose change to children's toys, matchbooks... Anything that often has nowhere to go.

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    1 Pint Canning Jars


    More canning jars! These small pint jars from Target would be perfect for storing spices and other loose kitchen ingredients you might have around. Especially if you buy your dried herbs from places like Trader Joe's, these little jars will elevate how they look in your cabinets or displayed on a shelf.

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    8 oz Regular Mouth Mason Jars

    Ace Hardware

     Finally, these classic Ball mason jars with a pretty, floral motif in the glass are our favorite pick for drinking glasses. They are just the right size for ice water at the dinner table or cocktails on a Thursday night. You could also put them by your bathroom sink to have at the ready when you're taking vitamins or medicine.