Massachusetts Child Support Calculator

How to Use the Massachusetts Child Support Calculator as an Effective Tool

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The state of Massachusetts uses specific guidelines to determine child support. Parents who want to estimate either how much child support they owe, or how much child support they will receive, should use Massachusetts’ interactive child support calculator, which is provided by the state.

Tips for Using the Massachusetts Child Support Calculator

  • Third-party child support calculators may not provide users with a reliable, accurate child support estimate.
  • Be aware that the Massachusetts child support calculator is designed to provide an estimate only.
  • In order to use the calculator, you will need to know the gross weekly income of both parents, including wages, tips, bonuses, self-employment earnings, investment income, and all other sources of income.
  • You will also need to know about certain expenses for each parent, including child care, health insurance and dental/vision premiums, and other child support obligations.

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