Dreamy Primary Bathrooms to Covet Right Now

Master bathroom

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Those who don't have primary bathrooms covet them, and those who have them sometimes don't know what to do with all that space! If you're looking for some ideas for your next remodel, or if you're just dreaming of your future home, you'll love these dreamy primary bathroom designs.

About This Term: Primary Bathroom

Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" (or "Master Bathroom") as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Transitional Primary Bathroom

    marble master bathroom with chandelier
    Valerie Wilcox

    This transitional bathroom by Valerie Wilcox, via Houzz, mixes traditional, modern and contemporary styles for a unique, luxurious effect.

    The all-over marble and classic chandelier give it a royal feel, while the sleek decorative elements provide a contemporary touch. The ledge at the back of the tub provides ample space for products and some relaxing candles, and it is a clever way to put all that extra space to good use.

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    Primary Bathroom With Wood Cabinets

    masculine master bathroom
    Hawksview Homes

    Worried about getting enough storage space for all your items? With a large custom-made cabinet, you get all the space you need for everyone using the primary bathroom.

    This particular primary bathroom by Hawksview Homes has a traditional style, with wood cabinets, wood floors, and a tiled, glass-walled shower. This bathroom is warm and inviting, thanks to the neutral shades of its decor. You could easily incorporate colored items based on the season, making it very versatile.

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    Spa Style Primary Bathroom

    Blue master bathroom with closed shower
    Brandon Barre

    Make every visit to the bathroom feel like a spa day by choosing soothing colors—sea-like blue-green, in this case—and natural elements everywhere. This spa-like bathroom by Brendon Barre, via Decor Pad, features wood cabinets, a stone sink, and tile floor to make the whole welcoming and relaxing.

    Note the accent wall in the shower and how its darker shade is highlighted by the glass walls. A rain shower head is the cherry on this primary bathroom sundae!

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    Tuscan Primary Bathroom

    tuscan inspired master bathroom
    Dino Tonn

    This very large Mediterranean bathroom by Dino Toon, via Houzz, is the epitome of Southern European comfort and luxury. The room at the back houses the bathtub, while the middle area is the walk-in shower. 

    The warmth of this primary bathroom comes from several design elements: the wall color, the exposed wood beams, the granite tiles, the dark wooden cabinets, and of course the traditional rugs lengthening the space.

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    Feminine Traditional Primary Bathroom

    vaulted ceiling master bathroom
    Miller & Miller Real Estate

    This traditional primary bathroom by Miller & Miller Real Estate is borderline rustic, with the distressed wood cabinets and vanity, but its luxurious feel—via the many bronze light fixtures, gilded accessories, and flower details—really dominate the style here.

    The octagonal shape is unusual, but the ceiling treatment makes excellent use of it. Notice the tiled area right under the tub for visual focus, as well as the beautiful custom stenciling on the side of the tub.

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    Classic Primary Bathroom

    oversized master bathroom

    With a primary bathroom this size, you could keep a bed in it! Instead, wall-to-wall dark cabinets, a spacious round tufted settee, and an angled freestanding tub fill up the space of this primary bath found on Zillow.

    This is a classic, minimal design with a traditional feel. Notice the shiny marble flooring for a touch of luxury and class, and the simple two-color scheme.

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    Eclectic Primary Bathroom

    white master bathroom design
    One Kind Design

    This rustic/contemporary primary bathroom by One Kind Design, via Decor Pad, offers both privacy and space with two-story ceiling height and a wall separating the sink from the toilet and tub area.

    This bathroom is a wonderful mix of rustic and contemporary style via its reclaimed wood floor and driftwood mirror, and its focus on white. The wooden floor saves this space from being just another white boring bathroom.

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    Contemporary Primary Bathroom

    contemporary master bathroom design
    Abbey Carpets Unlimited

    Looking for something neutral yet striking? This contemporary primary bathroom design by Abbey Carpets Unlimited, via Houzz, might just be the thing.

    The contemporary feel comes mostly from the wavy, curved ceiling area right above the tub, contrasted with the straight angles of the bath below. The focus on neutral colors make this bathroom easy to adapt to changing seasons and trends: just add colored towels or decorative accessories for a little seasonal pop.

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    Traditional Primary Bathroom With Chandelier

    pewter bathtub and chandelier
    Entirely Eventful Day

    There are a lot of things that really work in this primary bathroom found on Entirely Eventful Day—the reclaimed wood floor is definitely one element, and so is the use of palm fronds for a dash of green. What really claims the attention here is the striking chandelier—a minimal, artistic piece. It contrasts with the other bathroom fixtures, yet doesn't clash at all and it definitely fills up the space of the high ceiling. The horizontal wall panels also have an interesting effect, even in this lengthy room.

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    Minimalist Attic Primary Bathroom

    minimalist master bathroom

    Primary bathrooms don't all have to be luxurious. This stark, minimalist attic primary bathroom, found on Homestratosphere, is still functional, but without any fluff at all.

    The only rest from the white is the sink vanity, which is a natural medium wood color—the rest is all stark, shiny, sterile white. Sharp angles complement the angled wall. This style is definitely not for everyone, but for those who love minimalism, this is a great example.

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    Rustic Primary Bathroom

    rustic farmhouse master bathroom

    Rustic doesn't have to mean unfinished. In the case of this traditional primary bathroom, found on Zillow, rustic means full of charm.

    Notice the two-story height ceiling with exposed wood, reclaimed wood drop-in tub, and what seems like tinted concrete flooring. The walk-in shower at the back uses natural stone in a neutral shade. The elongated chandelier is an especially good choice given the shape of this room!

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    French Style Primary Bathroom

    french elegant master bathroom
    G. P. Schafer

    The most daring style choice in this primary bathroom by G.P. Schafer is the mirror installed in the window. The reason why that works is that the window is quite large and lets in plenty of light, and the mirror doesn't block much of it. Add to that the French doors leading into the space, as well as the large area in front of the vanity, and you have a beautiful, spacious, stylish primary bathroom.

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    Scandinavian Primary Bathroom

    master bathroom design with globe pendant light
    Hunter Holder

    There's something wonderfully comforting about this primary bathroom by Hunter Holder, via Houzz. It could be the warm wooden cabinets, the colorful rug, or the green plan in the corner; but whatever it is, it works.

    This bathroom features typical Scandinavian style: minimal contemporary style with warm, homey touches. The light fixture is especially interesting, as its shape contrasts the square, angular furniture. The herringbone mosaic tile brings movement to the whole.