Master Bathroom Ideas

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    Master Bathroom Ideas: Deep Tub, Slate Tile

    urban master bathroom with slate tile
    © Benjamin Moore

    I have long admired this master bathroom from Benjamin Moore. It's a showcase for some of their paints (see below), and the vertical lines are a sweet matte-black called Carbon Copy.

    This bathroom has a generous amount of natural light pouring in through the two big windows. When ​the day is over, the pendant halogen lights over the sink take over.

    It's all right angles and straight lines--the epitome of city urban loft living.

    Call me crazy, but this color and finish remind me of the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    Featured Company

    Benjamin Moore. Paint: Main Walls - Chantilly Lace; Tub Walls - Ice Cube Silver; Vertical Trim - Carbon Copy.

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    Truly a Bathroom for the Master

    master bathroom with columns
    ©Benjamin Moore

    A white bathroom with taupe columns. The columns and the arches they support are false--installed simply for effect. They hover about six inches from the real, load-bearing wall.

    The white walls go well with the deep marble soaking bathtub.

    This is indeed a stately bathroom, and you need the requisite space to pull this off: not just floor room, but 12' ceilings to accommodate the columns and arches.

    Featured Company

    Paint is from Benjamin Moore. Paints: Lower Walls - Snow White; Upper Walls - Palest Pistachio; Columns - Fairview Taupe

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    Master Bathroom Ideas: Runway-Long Countertops, Skylight, and Double Sink

    master bathroom with skylights
    © Inti St. Clair/Getty
    Now, this is truly a serious bathroom counter--so long, you could practically land a 747 on it. This bathroom's strength is its length. The downside of these long/narrow bathrooms is that you have no place to put the shower, except at the very end.

    This would have been a gloomy bathroom, were it not for the skylights and for the long window running parallel to the counter. The white paint color scheme helps boost the light level, too.

    Note that the counter is elevated from the floor. Instead of resting on the floor, it is attached to the wall. This gives the room an airier, breezier feeling.

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    Master Bathroom Ideas: Natural Wood

    Master Bathroom Idea Natural Wood
    © David DeLossy/Getty

    You find little solid, natural, unstained wood in bathrooms. Call it the Finnish sauna effect or not, it's more a result of wood being difficult to maintain in moist environments.

    Thus: laminate, porcelain, and vinyl tend to be used in great numbers in bathrooms. All of them need zero maintenance (except for the occasional grout sealing for tile).

    If you like the bare wood look but not the maintenance, one solution is to employ moisture-resistant surfaces that look devilishly like natural wood. Luxury vinyl flooring is vinyl that looks exactly like real wood, due to sophisticated imaging techniques.

    Can't swallow the idea of vinyl in your bathroom--gasp, master bathroom, at that? A secondary solution is ceramic or porcelain tile that looks like wood.

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    Black and White Color Scheme Marks This As The Primary Bathroom

    black and white color scheme for master bathroom
    © Benjamin Moore

    This powerful design features a black and white color scheme, sconces, oversized tub, and even carpet atop a tile floor.

    Softening the design are the louvered shutters that open to the outside world with a flick of the lever, and the glass-paned french doors between bathroom and bedroom.

    Featured Company

    This picture comes by way of Benjamin Moore. Paint: Walls - Winter White; Accent and Trim - Black Beauty.

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    Master Bathroom Ideas: Double Pedestals and Plenty of Wide-Open Space

    Master Bathroom Ideas - Sinks
    © Armstrong
    Most master bathroom ideas revolve around cramming the space with everything imaginable. This one, from Armstrong, preserves the wide-open floor space. Note the double pedestal sinks and the slipper tub on the left side.

    It does help that the bathroom is large: I estimate that it is 400 square feet, minimum.

    Another important design feature is the addition of the free-standing furniture at center of the photo.

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    How to Design a Small Master Bathroom

    small master bathroom
    © Rejuvenation

    Must all master bathrooms be gargantuan? No. While there is no single, agreed-upon definition for "master bathroom," I would say:

    • It is usually bigger than other bathrooms, though not necessarily "big."
    • It has more services (i.e., a bathtub and shower, instead just a shower).
    • The children aren't allowed to go in there.
    And I'm only halfway kidding about the last one. The master bathroom should be a sanctuary for the elders; the kids have their own bathroom.

    Featured here are Rejuvenation lighting and medicine cabinet, subway tile with rail, and pedestal sink.

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    Master Bathroom Ideas: Blue & Modern, Candles; Cantilevered Cabinets

    Master Bath Ideas Blue
    © Pratt & Lambert
    A sophisticated design from paint manufacturer Pratt & Lambert. Inevitably, you'll find cantilevered cabinets (cabinets attached to the wall rather than resting on the floor), a major hallmark of today's modern bathroom.

    Candles add a warm glow to a darkened bathroom--precisely the sanctuary I was discussing earlier in this article (too bad the lights are turned up so high).

    The paints are Bambino (the lighter blue) and Victoria Blue (the darker blue).

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    Master Bathroom Ideas: Classic Turn-of-Century Cottage Style

    cottage style master bathroom
    © Dutch Boy

    On the heels of our previous classic-style master bath, here's another one--also with a pedestal sink, sconces, and subway tile.

    This photo is from Dutch Boy and features High Spirits C20-4 on the walls and White C3-4 on the Chair Rail/Beadboard and Trim.

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    Master Bathroom Ideas: Light and Feminine

    feminine master bathroom design
    © Olympic Paint & Stain
    This bathroom, featuring Olympic paints, is decidedly easy-going, soft, and gentle. Slipper tubs are always a great addition to master baths: the high, sloped back allows for hours of relaxation, reading, and maybe even a little nap.

    Paints: Blue Willow, Moonshine, Lazy Lilac, Delicate White, Stormy Weather