Discontinued Master Forge Small Space Model# MFA350CNP Review

Master Forge Small Space Gas Grill Model# MFA350CNP
Courtesy of Master Forge

Recently small grills have become quite popular. Since many people live in smaller spaces the need for a "little" full sized grill has grown. The discontinued Master Forge Small Space Model #MFA350CNP is Lowes' answer to that problem.

This store brand grill is about as basic as you are going to get. It's a simple 2-burner gas grill with a small footprint. Being simple is one of this grills strong points.

It is better than other grills at this price (around $200USD) with all the bells and whistles.


  • Double layer hood for heat retention
  • Small footprint for small spaces
  • Basic grill for a good price (around $200USD)


  • Low BTU output for the size
  • Thin steel construction


  • Two 15,000 BTU stainless steel "p"-shaped burners
  • 346 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 455 square inches
  • 30,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • Push button piezoelectric igniter
  • Aluminum end cap, double layer hood with center mounted temperature gauge
  • Fold down side tables for storage
  • Enclosed cabinet with internal propane tank storage
  • Propane tank and cover sold separately
  • Imported from China by the GHP Group Inc. exclusively from Lowes' Master Forge Brand

Master Forge Small Space Model# MFA350CNP Review

Years back, Char-Broil introduced their Urban Grill. This simple, 2-burner gas grill really hit a market niche, which included condo and apartment dwellers who were allowed ot have a gas grill but needed something small.

To offer a similar product to this target audience, Lowes jumped on the bandwagon introduced a Master Forge brand version of that same grill, except it cost about $70 less. The Master Forge Small Space grill came from first-time grill maker GHP Group (actually a Chinese importer) and, all things said, it wasn't a bad grill, though it's now discontinued.

If you come across one, the following info may still be useful to you.

What makes this grill good is its simple design. For $200, Lowes offered a small, 2-burner gas grill. That's it. No side burner, rotisserie burner, or other fancy extras. This means that this grill wass a little more focused on quality as a grill than other comparably priced grills. The dual layer hood holds in heat so even though this grill is a little underpowered it can produce a pretty good amount of heat.

On the other hand, this grill, like most gas grills under $250 isn't a great grill. While it is competent for most grilling features the 2-burner design and small cooking area is not going to give you the ability to cook a lot, or a lot of different kinds of food. Of course, that's the point. If you are looking at this then you don't want to grill for a lot of people. Other than that, the metals are on the thin side and this grill is prone to rust. Don't expect it to last for several years, keep it covered (probably on your balcony), keep it clean, and it should last you a couple of years of good grilling.