Masterbuilt 28 Quart Electric Turkey Fryer Review - Discontinued

Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer
Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer. Regarding BBQ Inc.

The Bottom Line

This model turkey fryer has been discontinued. It is replaced with the Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer.

The popularity and the danger of frying turkeys have lead many people to try to come up with a more convenient and safer way to deep fry turkey. This gives us the Masterbuilt electric turkey fryer. Basically a super-sized deep fryer, this unit can cook a turkey up to 14 pounds just like the larger, propane-powered units.

Without an open flame and because of the breakaway power cord the danger of fire is virtually eliminated so you don't need to babysit this turkey fryer. On the downside, this fryer cannot take a turkey bigger than 14 pounds and it does take a while to heat up.

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  • Safe turkey frying option
  • Can boil, steam, and fry
  • Can be operated indoors (though I discourage it)


  • Takes about an hour to heat up
  • Can handle only up to a 14-pound turkey


  • 1650 watt electric immersion heating element
  • Front mounted oil drain for easy emptying
  • Thermostatic heat control or manual heat control option
  • Breakaway magnetic power cord
  • Comes with fry basket, lifting hook, drain hose and oil strainer
  • Glass lid with cool-grip handle

Guide Review - Masterbuilt 28 Quart Electric Turkey Fryer

In an effort to make a safe turkey fryer (gallons of boiling hot oil can be a scary thing), Masterbuilt has given us this 28-quart deep fryer that can cook up a 14-pound turkey in 47 minutes (three minutes per pound plus 5).

With no open flame and many safety features built in, this unit is labeled as safe enough to put on your kitchen counter (though I would still suggest a safer and easier to clean location). This gives us an easy to use, easy to clean up, and generally much more convenient turkey fryer.

This 1650 watt electric fryer features a front mounted drain spigot, hose, and strainer so you can drain off your oil and store it for the next time you want to fry something really big (or about 10 pounds of chicken wings).

The unit can be used for boiling and steaming so you can actually cook a wide range of foods. One of the downsides of many turkey fryers is that is the only use they will ever see meaning they spend 364 days in storage and one day at work. This unit is small enough to keep handy and at only 16 pounds you can pull it out and use it most anytime which makes the $150 price tag a little more reasonable.

One the downside this turkey fryer is not rated to take a turkey over 14 pounds so if you need a lot of turkey you are either doing a couple of birds in batches or just out of luck. Also, since this unit uses an electric heating element the preheating time can be long. Also, when you put the turkey in the oil the temperature will drop and take longer to recover than it would in a larger, propane powered unit. Of course, that is the trade off for a unit like this.

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