Math Games and Toys for Kids

The best way to teach children new skills is to find games and toys that can provide fun activities that never feel like work, rarely include actual pencil and paper and aren't to reminiscent of school. Here are several math games and toys for kids that help teach skills related to counting, math and money in a way that children won't even realize they are learning. 

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    Shelby's Snack Shack Game

    Shelby's Snack Shack Game
    Educational Insights

    Shelby's Snack Shack game is great for preschool aged children, ages 3-6, who are learning to recognize basic numbers. Children flick the spinner, then, using tweezers, pick up the corresponding amount of plastic dog bones, placing them one at a time into their own "dog bowl."  

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    Tiggly counts

    Tiggly Counts combines hands-on learning using magnetic counting devices that are placed on top of an iPad and used in conjunction with specially designed educational apps. The apps are free and can be utilized, even without the counters. Currently there are a few choice of apps that teach children about counting with one-to-one correspondence, and even let them create their own silly recipes.

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    Zingo 1-2-3

    There are several games in the Zingo family, which are aimed at teaching children about telling time, as well as letter, word and number recognition. In Zingo 1-2-3, players receive cards with pictures. On their turn, they match numbered tiles that are released from the Zinger, onto their board, and work on matching pictures to numbers and addition. 

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    Zombie Run

    Zombie Run
    Haywire Group

    Learning how to do mental addition and subtraction can be a challenge, but why doesn't seem to be as much of an issue when you are counting zombies! Looking at cards and remembering their sum, players swap out cards in their hand, aiming to have the fewest amount of zombies possible. When the hand is over, children can use mental math skills to total up the number of zombies in their hand to determine the winner.  

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    Robbin' Eggs

    Robbin Eggs
    Haywire Group

    Robbin Eggs' was created for kids ages 7 and up who are working on both addition and subtraction. Children roll a dice, then use certain cards to help them choose eggs that achieve a total that's the closest to the number on the dice. 

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    Play Store With Lakeshore Learning Cash Register

    Lakeshore Learning Cash Register
    Lakeshore Learning

    One of the most practical ways to learn about money is actually paying for items in the community using cash and change. However, at home we frequently play "store" and having a cash register has been a perfect way to teach a young child about the difference between cash and credit, as well as to help establish basic knowledge of coin and cash value.

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    Monopoly Jr. - Frozen Edition

    Monopoly Jr. is a fan favorite, especially newer versions that feature popular Disney characters like Anna, Elsa and Sofia the First. This game helps teach children about basic counting principles by moving their marker around the board.  The game only utilizes $1 bills and both properties and rents range from $1-$5, making it an easy way for kids to complete transactions. Given the popularity of Frozen toys, who wouldn't want to buy properties all over Arendelle?

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