Matilda Jane Doll Clothes

Matilda Jane Doll Clothes
Matilda Jane

Matilda Jane doll clothes are adorable, and just one of the options for girls who like to wear dresses and clothing to match their 18-inch dolls. 

As a little girl I very clearly remember many of the handmade doll clothes my grandmother made for me. Using craft store patterns, some imagination, scraps of left-over fabric and lots of love, she made me  suitcases full of Cabbage Patch doll dresses, jumpers and pajamas.


Many kids love to push baby dolls in strollers and pretend to be just like their parents. In preschool, kids ages 3-5 love to hug, kiss, feed, cradle, wear and love their dolls. When kids are older, in early elementary school ages, their doll play is different. They like to take their dolls places, but it is all about dressing, accessorizing and styling their doll. Some kids do not just like styling and accessorizing their dolls, but they want to match their outfits to their dolls. 

There are larger dolls, like American Girl dolls and Adora Dolls. These dolls are 18 inches tall and very popular with older kids. Many of these dolls are from historical times, and wear clothes that match a certain period or timeframe. Other dolls might have interests that girls today also enjoy, like playing sports, painting, or taking photos. These characters are not just dolls. Some can also be featured in movies,  books and apps.

What kids love about their dolls today is not much different than what I liked about my dolls as a little girl. They want to dress their dolls up in new outfits, style their hair, get their ears pierced, bring their dolls on vacation or carry them into fun events like special tea parties and birthday parties.


Matilda Jane, is a clothing company that provides beautiful, fashionable, pretty and playful outfits for girls, tweens and women. Their sweet, yet trendy clothing is only available through private, in-home shopping parties, hosted by "trunk keepers." Two times per year, in the Spring and the Fall, Matilda Jane launches their new clothing lines for the season. The only way to buy Matilda Jane clothing is make an appointment with a trunk keeper who lives in their area. They schedule with their trunk keeper to attend an in-home shopping event to buy new clothes.

Between March 12th and March 16th, 2015, Matilda Jane fans who purchased $150 worth of child's clothing from a "trunk keeper," had the option to purchase the "mini-me" outfit in the photo that was specifically deisgned to fit an 18-inch doll, for only $20. The outfit for the doll, which is featured in the photo, included the Matilda Jane Knot Top, Puffer Tee and Ruffle Leggings.

Unfortunately, Matilda Jane does not regularly have clothing for purchase to match 18-inch dolls all the time. If you love the Matilda Jane style of clothing, but you can not sew yourself, it might be possible to find a friend, family member or an ETSY store that makes clothing inspired by the same kind of fashion sense the designers at Matilda Jane use.

You might also check online auction websites, like EBAY, to see if someone might be selling the same Matilda Jane doll outfit and bid on it there.

If you are looking for children's clothing that can be bought with a smaller version, for an 18inch doll, there are some retailers, just like Matilda Jane, that have made this possible. 

Here are some other options:

  • Dollie & Me at Kohls, has a fantastic selection of fancy dresses, night gowns, pajamas, play clothes, and leggings. Some outfits even include outfits and pajamas for special occasions like Christmas and Easter. Sections of clothing are available in stores, with a larger selection online. Sizes range from 4-14.
  • Theodora and Callum has adorable outfits for girls and their dolls  that can be bought online through
  • Other large retailers like Target, Kmart, Walmart sell clothes for girls to match, but in my opinion Kohls has the largest selection. 
  • If you enjoy online shopping check out sales and deals through, which also feature the Dollie & Me collection
  • Attend local craft fairs, their may be someone talented in your neighborhood who makes and sells matching dresses
  • not only has some adorable, handmade clothing but many people sell accessories for girls to wear that match their dolls like scarves, tutus, jewelry, headbands, bows, and hats