New Mattel Ever After High Dolls

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    Meet The Ever After High Dolls from Mattel

    Ever After High Legacy Day Dolls. ©Mattel

    Meet the Ever After High dolls from Mattel. These characters are the sons and daughters of popular fairy tale characters. The dolls pictured (from left to right) include Briar Beauty (daughter of Sleeping Beauty), Apple White (Snow White's daughter), and Raven Queen (daughter of the Evil Queen). Depending on who the fairy tale parent is, students at Ever After High are separated into different cliques, the Royals and the Rebels. 

    The Royals have been given the promise of a happy ending, while...MORE the Rebels want to take their destiny into their own hands.

    Ever After High fashion dolls help bridge the gap between iconic Barbie Dolls and the freakish  Monster High dolls. Ever After High dolls each have unique character traits and backstories young children can learn about through webisodes, books and videos.

    Which doll do you think your child will like best, a Royal or a Rebel?

    Ever After High dolls can be purchased on

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    Monster High Dolls or Ever After High Dolls?


    It may only be a matter of time before a child asks for either Ever After High or Monster High toys or dolls. Many children enjoy collecting fashion dolls. When thinking of fashion dolls, though, most often think of Barbie dolls. Many are surprised when their daughter or granddaughter is interested in vampire and ghoulish traits and imperfections.  

    Monster High and Ever After High dolls and toy sets are recommended for kids ages 6 and up. Monster High Dolls arrive in many different...MORE skin colors, including blue, green and pink. They also have unique ghoul, ghost and zombie-inspired clothing and features. The Ever After High dolls (pictured in the bottom row) resemble more traditional people, but with a hip and trendy princess look.

    Whether your child is interested in monsters or fairy tales or both, either way there is no denying both Ever After High dolls and Monster High dolls have a lot to offer.

    Both sets of dolls are very trendy and fashion-forward, with a lot of attention to detail  including super-cute shoes and accessories.  

    Monster High dolls and Ever After High dolls are popular toys for girls ages 5 and up. 




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    Are You A Monster-Lover?


    Monster High fashion dolls have been popular on birthday and holiday wish lists for young girls for many years. Aside from toys and role play items, similar to Ever After High dolls, story lines exist with these unique characters that are featured in animated webisodes, books, and movies. 

    Monster High characters are ghouls and zombies who attend Monster High, and enjoy throwing sweet 16 birthday parties and hanging out in places like the Crypts and Catacombs. The characters are inspired by their...MORE well-known monster parents that include Count Dracula and Frankenstein.

    The monsters featured are "perfectly imperfect"  and underlying themes of the show aim to promote diversity and teach children to celebrate everyone's unique features and differences. 

    Even though the concept is innocent and adored by many, some have expressed concerns that it can be a little harsh for younger girls, not entirely embracing the concept of their daughters emulating the lifestyles of teenage ghouls, zombies and monsters. 

    Monster High dolls are available for purchase on