12 Effortless Maximalist Decor Ideas

colorful living room with contrasting patterns


When it comes to decorating, the minimalist look most notably known for its stark walls, serene color schemes, and clean, simple lines has peaked. And that's good news for those of us who are starved for maximalist inspired interiors brimming with color and pattern. But here's the thing—maximalism isn't about filling every square inch in your home with stuff. It is more about the art of combining colors, prints, and eclectic embellishments. To help you master the modern take on the more-is-more look, we gathered chic examples from top interior designers.

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    An Urban Flat With Plenty of Style

    layers of color and texture in London loft
    Black and Milk Interior Design

    At the heart of any maximalist space is a bold combination of colors and textures as shown in this basement apartment by Black and Milk Interior Design. A brick wall brings a big dose of urban character while providing a stylish contrast to the sleek oak herringbone floor. An exciting mix of mismatched seating enhances the room's eclectic vibe. Anchoring the living space is the patterned rug that pulls all the earthy and jewel tones throughout the area together. While many maximalist homes have walls covered in art, this space includes a bold cityscape print that stands out like a punctuation mark.

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    A Graphic and Bold Living Room

    Bold and colorful living room with graphic prints
    The English Room

    Bright white walls set the stage for an explosion of color and pattern in this living room by Holly Hollingsworth Phillips, the interior designer by The English Room. The curtains, rug, and accent pillows each feature a distinct pattern. Three things make them blend beautifully together. The first is scale; each item features a different sized motif. Next is color—each piece features the same hues in equal intensity. Lastly, each boldly patterned feature is offset by something in a solid color. The curtains are against a crisp wall, and the rug and decorative pillows are combined with furnishings in solid hues or metallics.

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    A Quirky Pattern-Mixing Apartment

    Quirky and colorful NYC apartment
    Designs by Humans

    Bold colors and patterns are essential ingredients in a maximalist-inspired home. Adding wallpaper, curtains, and decorative accessories in a rainbow of hues and motifs can help you max out your current decor. Here, Designs by Humans does just that in this quirky NYC residence, filled mostly with furniture in neutral colors. Floral print curtains bursting in shades of red, green, pink, and yellow draw the eyes across the room. On the wall behind the sofa is wallpaper in a blue and white pagoda pattern—a stunning contrast from other prints and textures in the room. Luxurious metallic finishes and colorful decorative pillows help to connect the dots between the extreme prints.

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    Full, Busy Walls With Complementary Contrast

    A room with floral wallpaper and a gallery wall

    Dressing up your walls may be the most fun way to rock the more is more trend. The owner of this Swedish apartment spotted on Alvhem says she loves to display her favorite things, including a treasured collection of photos shown on the wall. The bold wallpaper over the sofa is textured and it appeals to her tactile sense. Note the little objects throughout the room from the small guitar in the corner to the glass accessories on the coffee table, all are carefully curated and arranged.

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    A Dining Room Making the Most of Ceiling Space

    wallpaper on dining room ceiling
    Laura Umansky

    Add drama to a traditional dining room with a wallpapered ceiling. Decorating your "fifth wall," as shown in this space by interior designer Laura Umansky, is a fantastic way to introduce maximalist style in any room in your home. Don't forget to top it off with a statement-making light fixture.

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    A Kitchen With Bold Colors and Bright Patterns

    wallpaper ceiling in a kitchen with vibrant tile and appliances
    Janet Gridley

    Kitchens can also rock the maximalist trend without adding a lot of stuff to the equation.  This white kitchen by interior designer Janet Gridley takes it to the max with bright colors and bold patterns.

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    A Brilliant Black Accent Wall

    colorful bedroom with black walls
    Alida and Miller

    The modern, maximalist decorating trend has a rebellious edge, and nothing shouts rebellion like saturated black walls. In this bedroom, by the mother and daughter design team Alida and Miller, frothy bedding, a fancy white headboard, and eclectic decorations take bohemian chic to a dark new level.

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    An Apartment With Decor in All the Right Places

    Small apartment with a maximalist edge

    The maximalist aesthetic can fit in a small package as shown in this teeny one-bedroom apartment featured on Homepolish. The home functions as a living and working space, so instead of carving out an office the computer is worked into the decor on the left. Rows of shelves put a mix of books, liqueur, and decorative items on display. Even a bicycle (shown on the right) doubles as wall art when not in use.

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    A Room With Stark Graphic Prints

    joe human interior designer fun house living room
    Designs by Humans

    One of the masters of over-the-top decorating is Designs by Humans, a New York City interior design firm. The company created this eye-popping interior to reflect the homeowner's taste for pop art. Polka dot wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for one-of-a-kind paintings inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein. Not to mention, the surrounding decor intentionally clashes beautifully with the art and the walls.

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    A Blue Bathroom Brimming With Style

    A blue maximalist bathroom with a clawfoot tub
    Anouska Tamony

    When it comes to the maximalist trend, the bathroom is an excellent place to dip your toes into the proverbial pool. Interior designer Anouska Tamony gave her space ​a dreamy, spa-like vibe with tropical wallpaper, decorative floor tiles, and a patterned roman shade. Sticking to a blue color scheme made it all work.

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    A Bold and Colorful Beach-Inspired Pool House

    stunning pool house max style

    It is difficult to believe that this snazzy pool house was once a two-car garage. Decorist interior designer Ashley Redmond transformed the space into a colorful retreat with tropical-inspired furnishings and decorative accents. The watery palette consisting of blue and green hues set the tone, and palm leaf wallpaper anchors the room. On the floor is a bold geometric print rug. Two wicker chairs painted white also help add some seaside flair.

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    A Colorful Rule-Breaking Living Room

    colorful living room with contrasting patterns
    Alida and Miller

    This vibrant living room by interior designers Alida and Miller brings fun front and center by focusing on bright colors and a plethora of patterns and interesting textures. The enchanting display proves it is okay to break conventional decorating rules like hanging prints or artwork at eye level or only combining patterns in different scales.