26 Maximalist Decor Ideas That Just Work

maximalist bedroom

Colleen Scott Photography for Veronica Solomon

Don't mistake being a maximalist with having a cluttered space. Maximalist rooms are artfully decorated with a "more is more" philosophy, whether this involves displaying an expansive collection, mixing and matching a variety of colors and patterns, or filling a wall with artwork. As designer Chad Graci says, "Maximalism wants bold, bold, BOLD. Pattern, color, scale, and drama are all working together to be noticed and that, in a way, makes this style work."

Below are 26 maximalist spaces that have mastered this aesthetic. And if you're looking to recreate any of these looks at home, you'll want to pay extra attention to the tips we've also rounded up from top designers.

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    Kitsch in the Kitchen

    open shelving kitchen display

    @theresa_gromski / Instagram

    Jazz up the open shelving in your kitchen by using it to showcase favorite dishware, mugs, and other essentials to create an artful arrangement. Whether you opt for brightly colored pieces or stick to a more neutral scheme as seen here, you'll be able to create quite the display.

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    Gold Goodness

    gold maximalist shelves

    @interiordesignbyjudith / Instagram

    Presumably, you utilize your at-home coffee station every morning, so why shouldn't it reflect your personality and put a little extra pep in your step? Design your setup so that it features hues that you love—this space is filled with gold accents galore!

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    This and That

    maximalist living room

    @xiomarainteriors / Instagram

    Maximalism is all about celebrating pattern play, so don't be shy about mixing and matching different fabrics and prints. The more colorful and energetic, the better, but there are some basics to keep in mind. "Use colors that all have the same level of intensity—for example: all jewel tones," Graci advises.

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    Plant Power

    maximalist plant-filled space


    Many maximalist homes are often full of plants! If you love your green friends, don't feel like you need to cut yourself off at a certain number—plants of all shapes and sizes look lovely grouped together to create a jungle-like effect.

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    Just Hanging

    maximalist gallery wall

    @maggieoverbystudios / Instagram

    Add some major oomph to your walls by creating a gallery-like display that showcases all of your favorite photos and prints. If you really feel like going all in, hang a gallery that runs from the floor to the ceiling.

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    Pretty Pottery

    chinoiserie living room

    @thealluringhome / Instagram

    Grandmillennials, this one's for you! Display your favorite ginger jars and other chinoiserie accessories by the fireplace to create an arrangement that will make a major statement in your living room. If you have a collection of pottery, you should show it off, after all!

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    All of the Above

    maximalist living room with accessories

    @boazinyo / Instagram

    Pillows, sculptures, and ornate furniture, oh my! This living room doesn't hold back when it comes to displaying accessories of all kinds. The more, the merrier! The specific items you feature are up to you. "As long as these items all make you happy, then I am here for it," Amelia Fogarty of The Finish says. "Plush textiles, antique furniture, art and objects are all fun, interesting ways to make a home feel fun and comforting without feeling like there is nowhere to put your feet up and relax."

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    Striped Surprise

    zebra sculpture in living room

    @treasures_on_the_ni / Instagram

    Forget about just incorporating animal-print fabric into a space—why settle for textiles when you can feature actual sculptures in your living room? Here, a zebra and cheetah steal the show in this maximalist nook. In maximalist spaces, quirk is king. "Maximalist interiors are a great place to use something odd that would stand out too much otherwise," Graci shares. "I had a client ask me to use a gilded metal, full scale palm tree in a room."

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    Eye-Catching Office

    wall art behind desk

    @_glorystudies / Instagram

    If you sit at a desk all day, you'll want to ensure that you have something exciting to look at while taking breaks from your screens. This workspace features a busy wall of prints that add vibrance to this home office while also being educational.

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    Cozy Coffee Table

    stacks of coffee table books

    @thejollytownhouse / Instagram

    We often see coffee tables with books stacked atop them just so, but it's ok to be a little more casual with your arrangement. Stacks of books equate to a cozy, lived-in look.

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    Bold Bathroom

    maximalist bathroom

    @prettypocketprojects / Instagram

    Why not add some pizzazz to your bathroom? This one features all sorts of maximalist touches—bold, patterned wallpaper, neon art prints, and even a colorful tub.

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    Prints Charming

    maximalist bathroom with wallpaper

    @eclectichunkydoryhome / Instagram

    Here we see another bathroom decorated to the brim. No detail is left unnoticed, from the eclectic arrangement of art to the multiple prints adorning the walls.

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    Gorgeous Guest Bed

    maximalist guest bedroom

    @withmadisonaz / Instagram

    Primary bedrooms are often designed to be soothing and minimalist, but the guest bedroom is an excellent spot to experiment a bit with some bold color. This one features vibrant artwork and plenty of textile patterns that pop against the tribal-inspired wallpaper.

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    Chic Closet

    maximalist closet

    @lola.decor / Instagram

    Make your walk-in closet the star of your home by decorating it to the nines. An already expansive and colorful shoe collection is flanked by velvet furnishings, chic wall art, a bold rug, and much more. "Maximalism is all about embracing 'extra' be it a floral velvet, bullion fringe, or an 19th-century French commode," designer Sarah Stacey notes. "Or all three at once!"

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    Scarf City

    gallery wall of scarves

    @thepretentioushome / Instagram

    Looking for a unique way to display designer scarves? Frame them, and then display several together for a fab alternative to traditional wallpaper or tapestries. Then keep the print mixing going by incorporating luxe velvets, tiger print, and more.

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    Pillow Party

    maximalist sofa and walls

    @joytospare / Instagram

    The more pillows, the better, right? This sofa boasts an expansive collection of all shapes, colors, and sizes. The eclectic touches continue on the walls, which feature a bold mix of 3-D art, neon signs, and more.

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    Bookworm's Paradise

    maximalist books

    @mismatchedhome / Instagram

    Bookworms, this one is for you! Let all of your favorite reads take center stage by filling your shelves to the brim. Whether you group books by color or opt for a random arrangement is up to you. Paired with an expansive gallery wall, this at-home library is a maximalist's dream.

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    Lovely Lineup

    rainbow glassware

    @midmaudedarn / Instagram

    Love collecting colorful glassware? Set out your finds in rainbow order for a display that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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    Rainbow Reads

    vertical bookshelf

    @libbylivingcolorfully / Instagram

    Maximalists know how to make use of every inch of space, even when square footage is limited. Here, an empty wall made for the perfect home for a vertical bookshelf, which displays favorite titles in color order and therefore doubles as a piece of art!

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    Gallery Goals

    painting on bookshelf

    @sararaak / Instagram

    No wall space? No problem! Attach an art piece to your bookshelves and let it shine on its own. Bonus points if you choose a painting that's ultra colorful.

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    Darling Dining Room

    rainbow colored dining room

    @itscarlabethany / Instagram

    Gone are the days of formal dining spaces. This one is peppy and welcoming with its brightly colored rug, playful curtains, and rainbow wallpaper. Touches like these are bound to make every meal feel like a celebration.

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    A Little Leopard

    maximalist bedroom

    Colleen Scott Photography for Veronica Solomon

    Maximalists aren't shy about mixing different furniture styles and finishes all within one space. Here, burlwood nightstands shine alongside a leopard print ottoman, floral wallpaper, and sheepskin stools.

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    Green Galore

    variety of green hues

    @whilefloriansleeps / Instagram

    You can certainly still achieve a maximalist look while focusing in on one specific color scheme in your home. Here, all sorts of green touches—plants, paint, textiles, and art—are grouped together without looking too simple.

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    Happy Headboard

    tapestry behind bed

    @imjessicabrigham / Instagram

    Whether you're choosing to forgo a traditional headboard or just want to add some extra intrigue behind the one you have, hanging a tapestry behind your bed is a foolproof way to add a maximalist touch to your sleep space. The bolder the print, the better.

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    Sky High Shelves

    maximalist book stacks


    If your wall space allows, incorporating floor to ceiling bookcases in your living room and filling them to the brim is an excellent way to showcase a passion for reading while also adding plenty of color into your home. Alternating between horizontal and vertical stacks will make your display more eye-catching, which is always the goal in a maximalist room.

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    Cool Contrast

    blue and orange den

    @home_ec_op / Instagram

    Mixing contrasting colors in a space is the ultimate maximalist move. Here, blue and orange make a bold statement and add major cheer to this den.