Maytag Top Load Washer Model Performa PAVT2448WW Review

Maytag Performa Top Load Washer
Maytag Performa Top Load Washer. Photo © Mifflin

A friend of mine is very satisfied with her Maytag Performa PAVT 2448WW 'Quiet Series' washing machine. It is heavy duty and delivers a clean oversize wash load with quiet operation, and with a great selection of water and washing cycles.

  • Can handle large oversize loads and washes well

  • Very quiet operation

  • Deep tub for more capacity

  • Softener dispenser is in the agitator

  • 'Pebbled' sides is a nice design element

  • Bleach dispenser leaves a trace of bleach that runs into the next load

Product Details

  • Rugged six-point suspension ensures a balanced operation
  • "Quiet Series"
  • Large dual-action agitator for great cleaning results
  • Deep smooth polymer washtub that won't rust, chip, or snag fabrics
  • Four water temperature controls and special cycles for delicates and permanent press clothing
  • Bleach and fabric softener dispensers
  • Oversize capacity


My friend bought this traditional top load washer after a recent move and is very pleased with how this Maytag Performa washer handles an oversize washload, yet still delivers it clean. She also likes how the top load washer is designed, the capacity of the deep porcelain tub with the Dual Action agitator, and the heavy duty construction of the unit, including the easy clean "pebbled" sides.

The rating was downgraded slightly due to the bleach dispenser, which seems to leave a small trace of bleach, which is released into the following load. To combat this, she has had to ensure that the next load can handle this small discharge, without any harm to the wash items.

Regardless, she is still pleased with this product and the retail price.


This washer is still performing well months later; there have been no problems with it.