How Each MBTI Decorates for the Holidays

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It's almost that time of the year once again; the holiday season is approaching. While it feels there may be so much to do, one of the most fun and underrated parts of the season is preparing and decorating your home. There are so many different ways to design your space to match your holiday spirit, so where do you start?

Allowing our dispositions to shine through is one easy way to get things going.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test offers insight into who you are and the type of things you gravitate towards, as well as how you handle making decisions.

Take a look at your MBTI below to see how you could decorate your home for the holidays.

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    ENFP: Whimsical

    You lean into colorful, sparkling decor that captures the almost childlike excitement surrounding the holidays. From multi-colored Christmas lights on the tree and wreaths to Santa and reindeer figurines. You'll be adding bright tones including red, white, and green. You know how to bring whimsy and wonder into your home for the season.

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    INFP: Rustic Charm

    You are drawn to the peaceful, comforting part of the holidays, and your decorating reflects this. You seem to vibe well with rustic inspirations, given how this can create a cozy atmosphere. Accenting with red plaid patterns, wicker baskets, and mason jars with twinkle lights inside really bring your personality into the holidays.

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    ENTP: Unconventional

    While a part of you may not even want to decorate for the holidays, you'll probably break down eventually. However, you aren't going to pick traditional holiday items to decorate with; it's going to be unique and distinct, like you. You wouldn't hesitate to go with an upside-down tree or decorate with shades of blue and white rather than the typical red and green. Anything to stand out.

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    INTP: Monochromatic

    Honestly, you believe people make decorating too complicated and stressful for no reason. You prefer a more relaxed approach, so you lean into a monochromatic color scheme and simple, tasteful decor. This ties the home together without going overboard, and simple decorations like metal trees or minimalist ornaments still add some festivity without it being OTT.

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    ESFJ: Familial

    You're particularly drawn to the family aspect of the season, where you can get together with everyone you love. Your holiday decor reflects that as well. You might display holiday photos on the wall and have the kids make their own personalized baubles for the tree. You add simple touches that enhance your home and make it comfortable for everyone. Still, you want the relationships to be what's remembered.

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    ISFJ: Vintage

    You're incredibly nostalgic and love to bring out decorations that you've kept in pristine condition over the years or unique finds from thrift stores. You lean into things that feel more vintage. Whether it's stringing together popcorn garland, baked Christmas cookies that go in Christmas tins, or old school toys that double as decoration, you want something classic.

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    ESTJ: Sophisticated

    When it comes to the holidays, you prefer things to be sleek and together. You are drawn towards neutral colors with key holiday elements displayed so that your home feels sophisticated as well as cheerful. Choosing a tall Christmas tree decorated with golden and silver accents makes a polished statement without overdoing it. 

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    ISTJ: Tried and True

    You don't feel the need to go all out with your decor; if you have a traditional tree, a sturdy wreath on the door, and cherished stockings on the mantel, then you feel you've done your job. You would prefer to not be flashy or overwhelmed with decorations. You just want the basics so that you can focus on other parts of the season.

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    ENFJ: Welcoming

    You have a strong desire to make sure everyone feels comfortable when they step into your home during the holiday season. While you'll certainly not neglect the typical Christmas touches, your decor focuses more on coziness. Switching out your regular couch pillows and throws for Christmas themed ones is a must. Plus, grabbing all the holiday scented candles sets the perfect mood when everyone comes over to spend quality time together.

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    INFJ: Dreamy Minimalist

    When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, you genuinely believe less is more. You have a preference for keeping things dreamy and minimalist. You intentionally create a quiet sanctuary of white and neutral tones with evergreen touches and simple candlesticks on the tables.

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    ESTP: A Yard Bonanza

    Let's be honest, for you, decorating the inside of your home isn't nearly as much fun as the outside. You love the freedom you have to string up blinking Christmas lights and grace your yard and roof with large decorations that anyone can see for miles. Your competitive edge means you love to be the most eye-catching in the neighbourhood and for those who drive by to see just how hype you are for the Christmas season.

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    ISTP: Fuss-free

    You are far from a grinch, but you aren't a fan of all the fuss when it comes to decorating for the holidays. You'll probably go for a tree, but mostly you just stick to the everyday decor in your home and spruce it up a little. Whether it's ensuring you use white plates and light a few candles or grab some blankets that just happen to be holiday colors, you won't go out of your way to buy new things when you can repurpose what you already have.

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    ESFP: Extravagant

    You enjoy using this time of the year to be a little flashy and extravagant because there is a constant reason to celebrate. You aren't afraid to mix metallics like gold and silver to dazzle the room, and you aren't opposed to decorating every available place in your home. You enjoy being the life of the holiday party, so having a fully stocked bar cart to prepare seasonal cocktails is absolutely necessary. As long as everyone is wowed, you've accomplished your goal.

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    ISFP: Artistic

    You approach the holiday season the way you approach everything else: creatively and hands-on. You embrace DIY holiday decor wholeheartedly, and you strive to make sure your personal touch is noticeable everywhere. From homemade ornaments to personalized candle scents, it will be unique and thoughtfully designed.

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    ENTJ: Modern

    While you have a total appreciation for traditional options, you also feel the pull towards a modernized spin. You'll still embrace classic staples like a tree, yet you'll use elegant ornaments to decorate with. Instead of stockings or snowglobes, you'd rather work with geometric shapes that you can add some sparkle to. As long as things look crisp and put together, you'll be more than satisfied.

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    INTJ: Natural

    Instead of artificial things, you prefer natural aspects. Ensuring you have a real tree is only the beginning; grab some pine cones to dust off for a lovely centerpiece, or stack some firewood tied with a ribbon to add some rustic charm. You enjoy the understated feel of using things right outside your door rather than going to the bustling supermarkets to grab plastic knick-knacks.