This Sleek Heat-Resistant Mat Solves My Most Annoying Problem

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heat resistant mat with straightener on it
Photo: Amazon / Image Treatment: The Spruce.

Have you ever discovered a product that is everything you’ve ever needed, but also makes you feel a little silly because it just fixed a problem that’s been so obviously, easily solvable for years

That’s me and this heat-resistant hair tool mat by mDesign that I recently bought—and now, I refuse to live without it.

mDesign Silicone Heat-Resistant Hair Care Styling Tool Mat

heat resistant mat with straightener on it


For some slight backstory, I live in the UK, where we do not have outlets in our bathrooms. For reasons I'll never fully understand, it's not allowed, and this means that I can’t do my hair at our bathroom vanity. I know what you're thinking and no, even after a near-decade of living here, I'm still not used to it.

It's perfect if you don't have a vanity

My fear of my flat iron comes from a previous incident with my nightstand. In a rush, I unplugged my straightener, wrapped the cord around it, and, without thinking, set it down on my white lacquered nightstand. A few days later, I noticed that the paint had bubbled up irreparably and looked, for lack of a better word, gross.

Whether you have the bathroom counter space or not, this mat takes literally any surface and makes it heat-resistant

It has a slim and neutral design

Even if you have a dedicated vanity or counter space for your heat tools, I'm positive that this added protection is worth it. Mostly because it takes up no space and adds minimal visual clutter. It’s easy to roll and stash with my straightener thanks to its simple size and sleek design, and, if I do leave it out, it’s neutral enough to go unnoticed.

It will travel well

I admittedly haven’t tested this one out yet, but the other reason I love this mat is that it will obviously travel well without any concerns over lost luggage space. It’s totally flat, so I can just toss it in a suitcase or packing cube and not have to sacrifice anything else to bring it along. 

It’s easy to clean

Because the mat is made of silicone, it's super easy to wipe down quickly or clean more thoroughly with soap and water.

I've also noticed that, while it does end up catching a fair amount of rogue hairs, they don't cling to or get stuck on the mat. As someone who sheds “an alarming amount,” as I’ve been told, this is key for me.

It works for all hair tools

This one might seem obvious given the name and product description, but yes, you can use this for any heated hair tools—even those extra-long curling wands. The length of the mat means you’re not limited to straighteners only!

This also means, though, that if you have a dedicated space in mind for your mat, you might want to measure first. A few reviews do note that it didn’t quite fit the users' needs. I, however, have no complaints.