Meaning of Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments and Print Out The Story That Goes With Them

True Meaning of Christmas Ornaments
True Meaning of Christmas Ornaments. Sherri Osborn

Use these free, printable patterns to make a set of ornaments you can use or give as a gift. Each set included 8 different ornaments: a star, a red ball ornament, a fir tree, a bell, a candle, a gift bow, a candy cane and a wreath. These designs were picked for a very specific reason. Each one represents a symbol of the 'true meaning' of Christmas legend.

My ornaments were made using felt, embellished with ribbon, sequins, buttons, rick-rack, and jingle bells.

We ended up gluing 2 of the same ornaments together to stiffen them up a little bit. They could also easily be made using craft foam and embellished with just about anything you want.

Here are some free patterns for you to print out and use, and also the version of the "True Meaning of Christmas" legend that I printed out and framed.

  • Bell Ornament
  • Bow Ornament
  • Candle Ornament
  • Candy Cane Ornament
  • Red Ball Ornament
  • Star Ornament
  • Fir Tree Ornament
  • Wreath Ornament
  • The Meanings of the Symbols