What Foods to Use for a Holiday Cookout

Flavor up this Holiday Season by Cooking Out

Prime Rib Roast
Prime Rib Roast. Regarding BBQ Inc.

Doesn’t it seem that when people start talking about a really great turkey or ham they had last holiday season it was either smoked, fried or grilled? While oven roasting the holiday favorites gets them cooked; grilling, smoking, or frying results in really delicious food.

Turkey: The traditional favorite. Turkey is so much more flavorful grilled, smoked, or fried, rather than oven roasted. The real secret however is to brine your bird first.

Brining gives extra moisture to the turkey so it won’t dry out during cooking, whether you grill, smoke, or deep fry your bird. If you really want to take your turkey to the next level try a good injection marinade and learn a little about the science of turkey.

Ham: I know that a lot of people with a backyard smoker who think they can smoke themselves a delicious holiday ham. Unfortunately, the truth about ham is that it takes a long time brining and cold smoking to get a pork roast to become a ham. So you need to learn how to select a good ham, then you can add to its flavor by grilling your ham to perfection.

Prime Rib: This most expensive beef roast is sometimes called the king of meat. The secret of prime rib is largely in the timing whether you want to grill or smoke it. If you keep it simple and let a small amount of smoke reach your standing rib roast you will end up with something far better than the prime rib served in buffets.

Traditional Poultry: While all of these have become Holiday favorites, the real traditional treats include Duck, Goose, and Pheasant. For authenticity, you need to fire up the grill or smoker, because microwaves and electric ovens just don’t cut it for that real traditional flavor.