Meco Electric BBQ on Cart Model 9325

Meco Electric BBQ Grill on Cart Model 9325
Meco Electric BBQ Grill on Cart Model 9325. Meco Corporation

The Bottom Line

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The Meco Electric BBQ Grill originated outside the United States and came to the US as more and more high-rise dwellers needed an electric alternative to gas or charcoal, this grill started becoming more and more popular. Designed like a little, classic gas grill, this unit has a number of unique features. The heating element can be moved to allow for direct and indirect heating.

With the three-position thermostat, this electric grill is very versatile. Unfortunately, these features can make using the grill a little awkward. The drip pan is hard to get too and the sloping cooking grate can allow foods to slip forward on the grill.


  • Small, powerful electric grill
  • Adjustable heating element for direct and indirect cooking


  • Sloped cooking grate can make foods slide forward
  • Clumsy drip pan design is hard to get to
  • Slow to heat up


  • 200 square inch grilling area
  • 1,500-watt electric heating element
  • 38 pounds total carry weight
  • Enamel painted stamped steel construction
  • Three position heating element allows for direct and indirect grilling
  • Three position thermostatic control for low, medium, and high grilling temperature
  • Made in China by the Meco Corporation

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Guide Review - Meco Electric BBQ on Cart Model 9325

Building a full-sized outdoor electric grill that has the performance of a gas or charcoal grill is nearly impossible, and it certainly won't have the flavor that you get from more authentic grilling methods.

However, more and more of us are living in spaces where an electric grill is the only option. This little electric grill from Meco tries to be a good replacement for the real thing and has a number of unique features.

As far as the size of this grill it is very comparable to other electrics. Because it requires so much wattage to generate cooking temperatures, this grill is small, 200 square inches of cooking space.

This is enough as long as you are not grilling for a number of people, but it does limit your ability to cook a lot of food. As, like most electric grills, it takes a little time to heat up and never really generates the kind of intense heat that gas or electric grills can. I tell you this so that you know what to expect if you are looking for your first electric grill.

To maximize the heat created by the 1,500-watt electric heating element, the Meco uses a cast iron cooking plate to hold and transfer heat. The thermostat controller has three settings so you can go from low and slow to hot enough to grill (but not sear). The heating element can be moved to allow for direct and indirect cooking. All this engineering is to make the most of the heat generated. Unfortunately, it tends to also make the grill clumsy. The drip pan is hard to get to and replacement of the aluminum liner can be a challenge, basically making you crumple it up to get it in place.

Additionally, this grill is low in overall quality. Even at a price of around $200USD, this grill has a lot of parts and the lightweight cart increases the price.

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