Medical Transcription Jobs

These companies hire for work-at-home medical transcription.

Medical transcription jobs are just one type of medical jobs from home, but they are a good option for people with excellent typing skills and some medical knowledge. Companies hiring for medical transcription jobs from home usually require experience and/or certification. However, some will hire medical transcriptionists who have completed a certification program but do not yet have experience.

If you are an experienced or certified, medical transcriptionist, scroll down for work-at-home...MORE opportunities at medical transcription companies.(For non-medical transcription opportunities, see this list of general transcription jobs.)

If you are thinking about this field, read on for more on what it takes.

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    Medical Transcription FAQ

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    What Is a Medical Transcriptionist?

    Those working as medical transcriptionists  listen to a physician or other medical practitioner’s dictation, transcribing the notes into the patient’s medical file.

    What Equipment is Needed?

    The same basic equipment that a general transcriber uses is needed, i.e., a headset, foot pedal, computer and usually specialized transcription software as well as internet service. These are all usually provided by the transcriber. 

    What Skills Are Needed to Become a Medical...MORE Transcriptionist?

    To become a medical transcriptionist you will need to be a careful, detail-oriented person with fast and accurate typing skills, an excellent understanding of grammar, punctuation and style, the ability to work independently and under time pressure and excellent hearing and listening skills.

    If you are already a transcriptionist, you have these skills and can perhaps transition to medical transcription with some training. You will also need knowledge of medical terminology and medical transcription practices

    What Training Is Required?

    Medical transcriptionist must have post-secondary training, which would be either a one-year certificate program or a two-year associate’s degree. The types of courses required in these programs include anatomy, medical terminology, medical legal issues, and grammar and punctuation.

    There are two types of certifications: registered medical transcriptionist (RMT) and certified medical transcriptionist (CMT). Certifications require an initial exam and then retesting periodically and/or continuing education.

    Is This Usually an Employment of Contract Position?

    It can go either way; they may work as employees or as independent contractors. Independent contractors often run their own home business and work directly for medical professionals. However, it usually takes years of working in the industry to build up a clientele, so beware of scams that sell leads for this kind of work. They may also transcribe for a medical BPO or other company that hires medical transcriptionists as contractors.

    Can a Medical Transcriptionist Work From Home?

    Yes, they often work remotely. But keep in mind that typically only experienced medical transcriptionists get this opportunity. New medical transcriptionist will likely need to get experience in a traditional workplace before working at home.

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    Formerly Portal Healthcare Solutions,this company has opportunities for medical transcriptionists and quality assurance specialists as well as sales and operations.

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    Healthcare information management company employs experienced medical language specialists (transcribers and editors) as well as medical coders.

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    This company hires experienced work-at-home medical transcriptionists for a variety of shifts. It also hires medical coders.

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    Sacramento-based Eight Crossings recruits for medical transcription jobs in its office and for working at home. Two years experience required.

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    Hires U.S. independent contractors with at least two years experience in medical transcription for work at home jobs.

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    M*Modal telecommute jobs include professional, transcription, coding and support positions. Transcriptionists must have one year of recent work experience as a medical transcriptionist or must be a recent graduate of an AAMT certified transcription program.

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    Medical documentation services company, formerly known as Webmedx, hires medical transcriptionists and quality assurance specialists.

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    Nurses, medical billers and coders, physicians, writers and others in the medical field can find more jobs here.