Mediterranean Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

Modern Mediterranean Style Bedroom

One of the most popular decorating styles of the architectural and interior design world is the Mediterranean style. This luxurious and comfortable style brings influences of European eloquence, rustic décor, aqua ​blue and earthy color schemes combined with modern, traditional, and contemporary elements.

This prevalent and aesthetically pleasing concept comes from three primary regions: Spain, Greece, and Italy. Each region has its own unique use of color, patterns, furniture, and décor. Here are some great tips on how to create a lovely Mediterranean style bedroom along with a brief description and example of each regional style.

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    Mediterranean-Spanish Style Bedroom

    Bold bedroom color scheme
    House + House Architects

    Mediterranean bedrooms decorated in the Spanish style will often use daring, bright colors with Moorish or Moroccan influences. These influences can be seen in wrought iron furniture, lively textiles, stucco walls, and patterned tile floors. This decorating style can be subtle or bold like this bedroom designed by House + House Architects.

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    Mediterranean-Italian Style Bedroom

    Mediterranean style bedroom
    Vanguard Studio, Inc.

    The Mediterranean-Italian style will have more of a rustic feel, such as this lavish bedroom designed by Vanguard Studio, Inc. This old-world charm is normally achieved by dark wood floors, luxurious over-sized furniture, and rustic wooden ceiling beams. Rich, bold colors—reds and oranges—are often used in bedding and accents among a sea of earthy neutral colors. Faux finishes and stucco walls are common in the Italian style but will more often have Venetian plaster or distressed stone texture.

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    Mediterranean-Greek Style the Palm Beach Way

    Mediterranean style bedroom with yellow accents
    Alexander Vertikoff Photography

    Greek influences in the Mediterranean style will have deep blues, bright turquoises, or crisp aquas, which reflect colors from the sea. These blue color schemes are often mixed with white plaster and whitewashed floors with stately columns and pillars as seen in the Greek revival style.

    A good example of a fresh and modern take on a Mediterranean-Greek style is this luxurious bedroom designed by Tracy Murdock. White walls and deep blues are present along with Greek motifs and patterns on the ceiling and bedding. This gorgeous bedroom that not only incorporates a customary Mediterranean decorating style, but also many contemporary pieces creating a space that is both traditional and modern.

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    Combination of Regional Influences

    Mediterranean style bedroom
    Matthew Millman / Scavullo Design

    Sometimes a mixture of regional styles is used when decorating in the Mediterranean style, such as this lovely bedroom designed by Susan Schippmann for Scavullo Design. This bedroom has Italian influences within the dark rustic wood floors and furniture along with Spanish influences within the stucco walls and other ornate pieces of furniture. Besides a mixture of regional styles, this room has many modern elements incorporated within the simple color scheme, décor, bedding, and accents.

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    Mediterranean Contemporary Style

    Mediterranean style bedroom
    Alexander Vertikoff / Chris Barrett Design

    Mediterranean style bedrooms offer many wonderful alternatives to blending traditional and contemporary elements together, such as this luxurious bedroom designed by Chris Barrett Design and Appleton + Associates Architects. This room features a nice mixture of traditional pieces, such as an ornate four-post bed and end tables look lovely combined with modern table lamps, bedding, and window treatments.

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    Mediterranean Style with a Modern Twist

    Bedroom with dramatic canopy

    A mixture of modern furniture, rustic wooden beams, and antique décor creates a diverse combination and unique bedroom idea. The key to a successful design when combining styles, like this modern bedroom, is color. Finding a color scheme—whether it’s monochromatic or complementary—and sticking to it will pull your pieces together, creating a coherent and successful design.

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    A Universal Decorating Style

    Bedroom with arched architectural details

    The Mediterranean style is perfect for bedrooms because of it's warm and inviting decor that offers classical, modern, and eloquent options. It's also an easy and fun design due to the many different techniques, influences, and combinations available. The ideas and possibilities are limitless, which is probably why it’s one of the most popular styles used by homeowners, interior designers, and architects.

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