15 Mediterranean Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

bedroom with white walls and high ceilings, wooden floor with simple woven rug, wooden nightstand, four post bed frame, neutral colors

The Home Consultant

One of the most popular decorating styles of the architectural and interior design world is the Mediterranean style. This luxurious and comfortable style brings influences of European eloquence, rustic décor, aqua ​blue, and earthy color schemes combined with modern, traditional, and contemporary elements.

This prevalent and aesthetically pleasing concept comes from three primary regions: Spain, Greece, and Italy. Each region has its own unique use of color, patterns, furniture, and décor. Here are some great tips on how to create a lovely Mediterranean-style bedroom.

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    Pops of Color

    mostly white neutral bedroom with wicker rattan hanging lights, small pops of color, open windows above the bed

    Maite Granda

    Mediterranean style is often hallmarked by a neutral color scheme for its base, especially on the walls. However, pops of color are not only tolerated—they are encouraged. Keeping your walls and even furniture white yet accenting with small pops of blues and reds or other nature-inspired hues is a simple yet effective way to bring this style into your bedroom.

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    Colors of the Sea

    bedroom with bare wooden floors, teal side table, blue bedding, thrifted pattern rug on floor, white walls

    Kaelyn Guerin

    Mediterranean themes have diverse color palettes, yet one of its signatures is undoubtedly the color blue. You can apply this in any way you see fit: walls, furniture, fabrics, etc. Embracing hues that invoke imagery of the sea–think cerulean, turquoise, even navy–and pairing them together often set the scene for a tranquil environment that makes you feel as if you're right at the ocean's edge.

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    Natural Light

    Spanish modern with white walls, windows without curtains. mediterranean vibes

    The Home Consultant

    One of the most common goals of this style is bringing the outside world in. An easy way to do that is by allowing in as much natural light as possible. Even if you don't have access to larger windows, keep them bare or as minimally restricted as possible, similar to how the room shown here. The white walls and minimal furnishing give a spacious and airy vibe that allows the room to feel brighter and connected to the outdoors.

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    Dark Wood Paired with Dark Blue

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    If you're working with a darker blue, pairing it with dark wood is your best bet. Wood furniture tends to give the room a natural feel, and darker wood tones are often the most commonly used in Mediterranean spaces. Pairing those with deep blue accessories can create a unique coastal vibe.

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    High Ceilings

    bedroom with white walls and high ceilings, wooden floor with simple woven rug, wooden nightstand, four post bed frame, neutral colors

    The Home Consultant

    Not everyone has access to high ceilings, yet if your room does, it's already one step towards a Mediterranean theme. Often accented by tall, spacious ceilings during the construction phase, many of these homes have exposed wooden beams implemented to add some flair. Even if you're ceiling is lower, no need to worry–you can still decorate your room in a way that draws the eye upwards. A four-poster bed is an excellent way to do exactly that.

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    Classically Italian

    bedroom with white walls, neutral colors with light touches of blue, exposed wooden beams on ceiling, ornate chandelier, tuscan style

    House 9 Interiors

    A mostly white color scheme with light touches of blue can create a soothing atmosphere, but you don't need to stop there. Italian-style bedrooms tend to lean towards a glamorous, decadent feel. To get the look for yourself, go for specific, ornate touches like a glass chandelier, tall white cabinetry, and a decorative headboard. The result is one full of luxury and sophistication.

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    Mixing Styles

    mediterranean style boho bedroom


    If you are a fan of the Mediterranean style but also have a preference for others, you'll be thrilled to know that adding small touches is relatively easy–and works well with other concepts. Given the wide range of directions that can be taken, it's as simple as pulling your favorite characteristics that work across multiple ideas. This bedroom is a fantastic example of a boho style influenced by Mediterranean aspects: warm white walls, decorative woven baskets, and dark wood accents.

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    Natural, Earthy Tones

    earthy style mediterranean with exposed wooden beams, green colored fabrics, leather headboard

    Chris Barrett

    Blue isn't the only color that can bring Mediterranean vibes to life in your space–you can turn your attention to other earthy, nature-inspired options as well. The light green accents paired with the brown leather headboard make stunning statements that bring to mind greenery and plants outside–paired with the wooden beams on the ceilings and soft linens for drapes give the room a Tuscan feel.

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    Natural Floors and Open Layouts

    bedroom with open layout, navy blue bedspread, concrete floor, natural light

    The Home Consultant

    Natural materials are an essential part of this style, so if you have them, use them. This room showcases a bare concrete floor with no ornate furnishings, which works well paired with the minimally decorated white walls and the natural light pouring in from the glass doors. The open layout allows the bedroom to feel like an extension of the other rooms in the home, and the glass doors continue that feeling of expansion to the outside world. The added touches of orange and blue on the bedspread add a dose of color to the neutral space showcasing a Spanish modern influence.

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    Exposed Wooden Beams

    bedroom with blue and red pops of color in mostly white room with dark wood accent tables

    Chris Barrett

    Exposed wooden beams add a rustic and charming aspect to any room they happen to be part of. Especially with additional wooden furniture in the room, it helps tie the entire space together for a cohesive look. If your home doesn't already have them, you can still get the look by having faux versions installed.

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    Vintage Style Furniture

    eclectic Spanish modern room mediterranean

    Chris Barrett

    Particularly in Spanish motifs, vintage or old-world vintage furniture can go a long way in achieving a Mediterranean look. Furniture and decor tend to lean towards bold yet simple–the four-poster bed with eye-catching detail, the wooden bedside table, and gorgeous colorful patterned rug all achieve a classic yet decidedly unique space.

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    Using Color in Unique Ways

    bedroom with bunk beds, teal ceiling with exposed wood beams, white walls, brown and wicker chair with foot stool

    Christina Kim Interior Design/Photographer: Raquel Langworthy

    Embracing color in a mostly white room can happen in various ways. Adding throw pillows or small decor items is always an option, yet there are more unique ways you can bring the Mediterranean decor style into your space. Painting the ceiling a gorgeous pastel teal invokes the idea of looking up towards the sky, plus the striped linen rug on the wooden floor highlights the color choice well. Another easy way to embrace the style in your room? Hang framed artwork of scenery from countries that serve as inspiration for your decor theme.

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    Terracotta Accents

    mediterranean bedroom with terra cotta tile floors, wooden scones, blue pattern bedspread

    Minnie Bhatt Design/Instagram

    If you're looking to add some earthiness to your bedroom, look no further than terracotta. The reddish clay does wonders to bring a Mediterranean feel to any space. Using them as floor tiles is one of the most common options, like the bedroom shown here. If you prefer something a bit more subtle, you can purchase terracotta pots or other small decor items to decorate with.

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    Tuscan Elegance

    classic elegant mediterranean style bedroom

    Lissa Lee Hickman/Instagram

    If you want to embrace the Tuscan side of Mediterranean style, then your inspiration will turn towards rounded lines and features as well as decadent ornamentation. There is a fixation on rounded, curved features and decoration, so investing in furniture that embraces these ideas goes a long way. Even simple options, like the wooden bed frame shown above, of a simple curved headboard, as well as the unique shaping of the top of the nightstand, draw your mind to the architecture of the Italian Renaissance. The golden, elaborate designs on the pillows and comforter also add an air of elegance that is common when incorporating this style.

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    Open Arches

    Jessica Nelson Design

    Jessica Nelson Design

    Say goodbye to regular rectangle doors–arches are the ideal entryways for this style. Open concept with soft, rounded lines, it makes perfect sense as a welcome addition to your bedroom. If you don't have one in your home and would prefer not to through the process of building one, you can add the shape in other ways: a large scale golden arch mirror or even painting an arch shape on your wall can create a similar aesthetic.