Meet the Person Who Built This Crazy Colorful Tiny Home

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    Taylor Painter-Wolfe Built a Rainbow on Wheels

    Taylor Painter-Wolfe Clown House
    Courtesy of Taylor Painter-Wolfe

    The first time we saw Taylor Painter-Wolfe's rainbow-hued tiny house, we were smitten. So we asked the art teacher from Tulsa, Oklahoma what's the story behind her crazy colorful home.

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    Nicknamed The Clown House

    Courtesy of Taylor-Painter-Wolfe

    Small Spaces: "Do you have a pet name for your tiny home?"

    Taylor Painter-Wolfe: "I usually refer to it as the "clown house" because it's so colorful. A friend of mine called it that early on and it stuck."

    Small Spaces: "What inspired you to paint it every shade in the rainbow?"

    Taylor Painter-Wolfe: "I can’t remember if it was anything in particular that influenced me. I do know I couldn’t decide on just one color so I went with multihued stripes. I painted...MORE each strip of exterior siding a different shade before installing. As it turned out, painting the house both inside and out was the most time-consuming part of the project. But I have no regrets. I love my new home."

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    Call it a Family Project

    Courtesy of Taylor-Painter-Wolfe

    Small Spaces: "What motivated you to downsize?"

    Wolfe: "I always enjoyed living in small spaces. It may have something to do with my upbringing. My parent's house, which was also my childhood home is modestly sized. For the record, it's a two bedroom with one bathroom. Also, I have a tendency to collect too much stuff if I have the space for it, which I don’t like. A smaller house forces me to let go of things that don't serve a purpose. Moreover, I appreciate having a...MORE home that can travel with me."

    Small Spaces"You built your tiny house in your parent's driveway. Were they 100 percent on board with your build?"

    Wolfe: "Yes, they were very supportive. In fact, it was a family project. My mom went to carpentry school in Hawaii in the 70s. Later on, after she retired from a long career in social work, she returned to her woodworking roots as a home remodeler. When I asked for her help to build my little house, she immediately said yes. I am not sure if she knew what a tiny house was at the time. She just heard the word build and was immediately onboard."

    Small Spaces: "Did you have any previous home building experience before getting started?"

    Wolfe: "My mom and I attended a tiny house building workshop in Washington D.C. by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. I also bought my building plans from Tumbleweed, but we only relayed on them to jump start the project. Once we got going, we came up with our own design."

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    The Hardest Part

    Taylor Painter Wolfe Clown House
    Taylor Painter Wolfe

    Small Spaces: "How much did it cost to build your tiny home?"

    Wolfe: "Including what I paid for the trailer, which was $4,500, I spent around $15,000. So that you know, the trailer also came from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses."

    Small Spaces: "What part of the construction process was the hardest and why?"

    Wolfe: "Figuring out the plumbing was pretty challenging, but two guys who do remodeling work with my mom helped to sort it all out. For me, the toughest part of the project...MORE was finishing the interior. Installing floor tiles, adding carpet, and even hanging kitchen hardware felt like a tedious chore compared to all the cool heavy duty tools I got to use constructing the exterior. Fortunately, my mom is a professional remodeler, so it all got done."

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    Biggest Lesson Learned

    Clown House Roof
    Taylor Painter Wolfe

    Small Spaces: "Is there anything you would do over if you could? For example, would you tweak your tiny house's layout?"

    Wolfe: "We played around with the floor plan quite a bit before finalizing where to put the living area, bathroom, and kitchen. But after deciding to do a shed roof, we forgot to move the front door to the tallest end of the home. Why is this important? When it rains, water that lands on the roof will roll off the shorter side of the house above the entrance....MORE Lesson learned. When I add a roof covered deck in the future, it will resolve the problem."

    Small Spaces: "What is your favorite part of the house?"

    Wolfe: "I love the sleeping loft, it seems to satisfy that part of me that loved to build a cozy blanket fort to sleep in as a child. But I am also very proud of the bright exterior. I love how people respond to my house when they see it the first time. The multihued stripes make everyone smile, and that makes me happy."

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    Tons of Function

    Courtesy of Taylor-Painter-Wolfe

    Small Spaces: "Give us a rundown of what's inside your kitchen."

    Wolfe: "It's tricked out with all of the necessary appliances including a small refrigerator, small convection oven, single electric burner and water heater. There's also a small kitchen sink and butcher block countertop. Above the counter, are wall-mounted baskets for storage and below are built-in cabinets."

    Small Spaces: "What's in the bathroom?"

    Wolfe: "There's a composting toilet....MORE The bathroom also has a shower and tub. We had to get inventive with the bathtub. It's a stock tank."

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    See the Main Living Area

    Courtesy of Taylor-Painter-Wolfe

    Small Spaces: "What's in your main living area?"

    Wolfe: "You'll find a couple of rolling storage cabinets that double as stairs for the sleeping loft. I plan on building a bench-styled sofa with concealed storage, but for now, I am using a futon. Over that is a pendant styled light fixture I made out of an old phonograph horn. There are also three large windows that fill the space with sunlight."

    Small Spaces: "Who else lives in your colorful tiny house?"

    Wolfe: "...MOREI have two special someones: My dog Goblin and my cat Maple."

    You can follow the trios tiny house adventures on Instagram.