Meet The New Teddy Ruxpin Toy

New Teddy Ruxpin toy
Wicked Cool Toys

The talking Teddy Ruxpin toy, one of the first animatronic toys ever, was released in 1985 by Worlds of Wonder. 32 years later, in 2017, children and their parents will get a chance to meet the new Teddy Ruxpin from Wicked Cool Toys.

The original Teddy Ruxpin was a revolutionary teddy bear toy. For the first time ever, kids had a toy best friend to interact with and talk to. Teddy Ruxpin was able to speak to children by moving his eyes and opening and closing his mouth, while.asking them questions, singing songs, and reading books.

This pioneer in the toy aisle was also an educational toy. After placing cassette tapes in the back of the toy, Teddy Ruxpin could read story books out loud. The story books featured Teddy Ruxpin and his friends, Grubby and Newton Gimmick, on different adventures. Worlds of Wonder released 60 original stories featuring Teddy Ruxpin. Many of these books, with cassette tapes, celebrate holidays and also aim to teach children about safety skills and life skills such as sharing. 

Teddy Ruxpin was a popular celebrity during that time, being featured in a Wendy's Kids Meal, skating in the Ice Capades, and being featured in safety messages around fire safety. The original Teddy Ruxpin has been named one of the 100 best toys of all time from Time Magazine. 

In 2017, children and their families will finally have a new opportunity to interact with Teddy Ruxpin in a modern-day way.

At re-launch, the Teddy Ruxpin toy will be 14 inches tall.

This cuddly teddy bear will have color LCD eyes that can "blink" and change color and presentation through different graphics. There are also touch sensors in Teddy's hands and feet. To interact with the toy, kids can squeeze his hand to change from one story to another. Touching the paw will also stop and fast forward toys, too.

Pushing Teddy Ruxpin's foot will also start a sing-a-long.

The toy will include a large, 4 gigabyte hard drive to hold Teddy's original stories. Stories are 15-20 minutes in length and include narration and songs. 3 stories are available out of the box, the others will need to be "unlocked." The hard drive inside the toy should be able to hold up to 40 different Teddy Ruxpin stories. The new Teddy Ruxpin toy will retail for $99.99.

All of the stories included are the original Teddy Ruxpin stories. Children can listen to the story similar to an audiobook. The expressions on Teddy Ruxpin's face will reflect the stories he is reading. For those who have a tablet, there is a Teddy Ruxpin app. Using bluetooth, Teddy Ruxpin will speak the stories, at the same time as the app narrates and animates the individual story. The text appears on the screen in the app. The words within the book will also become highlighted when Teddy reads them, which can help children become aware of words when they are also learning to read on their own. Children do not need to know when to turn the pages, because the pages within the app will automatically turn as Teddy reads the book.

Just like the original, Teddy Ruxpin aims to help young children in their toddler and preschool years develop a love of reading.

Promoting literacy, or the ability to read, starts when children are born. New parents are encouraged to read stories and children's books to their kids every day. While Teddy Ruxpin is not a replacement for quality reading time with a family member, the toy continues to offer children different ways to explore and interact with books.

Were you a child who grew up playing with toys in the 1980's?  Teddy Ruxpin is one of many 1980's toys that you will be able to buy, brand new again to share a piece of your childhood with your own kids. 

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