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Yes, We're Real People!

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So just who are the delightful, charismatic, brilliant, and humble hosts of The Spruce's "One Thing" series? We're a team of passionate editors with a combined 100+ years experience in the home and lifestyle space. Some of us are published authors, others are passionate DIY-ers, and at least one of us has Kondo-ed her entire apartment in a single day, but we all love to create useful, easy-to-understand tutorials and articles. Learn more about our team below!

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    Mélanie Berliet

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    As General Manager and unofficial Folder-in-Chief, Melanie oversees all content initiatives and business strategies for The Spruce home, pets, and crafts sub-verticals. She has 15 years of experience creating, managing, and publishing lifestyle content across platforms. You can find her on the set of "One Thing" folding napkins, folding sheets, folding hoodies, and very occasionally folding nothing at all.

    What is your motto?

    Currently my motto is: "The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life." — Esther Perel. In my 20s it was: "Everything in moderation, including moderation," which you can interpret as you wish. Learn more about Mélanie.

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    Allison Bean

    Headshot of Spruce editorial director Allison Bean with plants

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    As Editorial Director, Allison oversees the team of editors who update, edit, and publish content for The Spruce, The Spruce Crafts, and The Spruce Pets. A proud Dog Mom and Crazy Plant Lady, she launched The Spruce to help people discover their own passions (no matter the niche) and make their homes a bit more beautiful. Allison works behind the scenes of "One Thing" to make sure the team is as eloquent, charming, and funny on camera as they are off.

    What home decor trend are you loving right now?

    The angsty teen that resides in my heart is very happy to see that black is making a splash in the design world. Matte black fixtures, black cabinets, and yes, mom, it's okay to paint your bedroom black! Learn more about Allison.

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    Sami Allen

    Spruce editor Sami Allen with sprinkle covered cake

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    Sami is the Lifestyle Editor for The Spruce and The Spruce Pets, editing and covering topic areas such as pets, gardening, and home renovation. As a seasoned editor and lifestyle writer, she has seen her fair share of home hacks and tricks that don't actually work. You'll find her on "One Thing" debunking those oh-so-popular viral videos and sharing her favorite ways to save time and money at home for real.

    What is your favorite possession and why?

    My ridiculous library of cookbooks. They sit on top of my white cabinets among the vases and other decorative items I've acquired over the years. I once loaned a favorite cookbook to a friend of a friend and they never returned it, so it's safe to say the rest are never leaving my home. Learn more about Sami.

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    Melissa Epifano

    Spruce editor Melissa Epifano with paint swatches

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    Melissa is the Associate Lifestyle Editor for The Spruce, overseeing home decor, crafts, and celebrations content. Throughout her career she's covered a number of lifestyle topics from fashion and beauty to travel. She brings her innate sense of style to the "One Thing" set whether she's weidling a can of chalky finish paint or artfully arranging a collection of coffee table books.

    What home decor trend is so yesterday?

    This is going to be controversial, but farmhouse everything. I'm not here for it. This can partially be attributed to the fact that I grew up in a tiny farm town and cringe at the thought of tractors and burlap sacks being "cute." (No shade to Joanna Gaines, though.) Learn more about Melissa.

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    Heddy Hunt

    Dotdash video producer Heddy Hunt with video camera

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    Heddy is a Video Producer at Dotdash and the Producer of the "One Thing" video series. From preproduction to directing and editing, Heddy is completely hands-on in all aspects of the series. During her time at Dotdash she has made over 350 videos, but the "One Thing" series has been her favorite, natch.

    What's the first legit recipe you cooked?

    My mom's cheese biscuits. (They are much better than Red Lobster's.) Learn more about Heddy.

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    Jamie Abarca

    Spruce editorial coordinator Jamie Abarca with a cup of coffee

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    Jamie is the Editorial Project Coordinator for The Spruce, Spruce Pets, and Spruce Crafts. She is a lifelong learner and a pen(cil) to paper gal. Jamie is a vinyasa yogi and a pop culture enthusiast. She dreams of one day baking in her very own Nancy Meyers-inspired kitchen. A glue gun guru and DIY enthusiast, Jamie helps make "One Thing" a little more craftacular.

    What is one home skill you'd like to learn more about?

    I can manage easy sewing projects: hem by hand, mend a tear, make a pillow. But I would really like to learn how to use my hand-me-down sewing machine, a gift from my aunt who is a sewing expert. Growing up, she would make all my Halloween costumes and we’d pick out the pattern and fabrics together. When my daughter is old enough for Halloween parade season, I hope to make her costumes on that same sewing machine. Learn more about Jamie.