Memorial Day Cookout

Start the barbecue season out right

Sriracha Bacon Burger
Sriracha Bacon Burger. Cultura RM/Brett Stevens/Getty Images

Memorial Day represents the traditional start of the outdoor cooking season. This is the time of year that send thousands of people to the store for charcoal, gets the filling propane tanks and dreaming of a great cookout season. So, let me give you a piece of advice to help make your cookouts great; plan ahead. Whether you will be grilling hamburgers, steaks, chicken or fish or maybe smoking ribs or brisket you need to know the secrets to barbecue & grilling.

So to help you plan ahead I've compiled some information sources to get you started.

Entertaining and Party Planning

If you really want to have a great gathering for Memorial Day you need to plan on more than just a party, you need to plan on doing some serious Entertaining. If you happen to be a woman, don't be put off by the idea of grilling. Grillin' for Gals is a great guide to get you going.

When cooking for a large gathering make sure you prepare something for everyone. Throw on a couple of Hot Dogs for the kids while you are grilling the rest. In fact, try getting the kids fed first to alleviate their hunger for summer foods.

Cooking and Recipes

When putting together a meal, decide the best way to prepare the dishes quickly and easily. Kebabs are a great main dish because you can cook everything at once. You don't have to stick to the basics. Try a grilled meal with a Chinese, Japanese, French, Mexican, Middle Eastern, or Thai.

Start off with some great appetizers for the grill or finger foods.

If you want tradition then you need a good recipe for Potato Salad or Cole Slaw. You also don't have to end your diet for this gathering. Try some Low Fat Grilling, including Grilled Chicken Salads or Grilled Trout Florentine.

If you or some of your guests are vegetarians you can still do some Memorial Day entertaining, only vegetarian style.


Remember to cool things off with homemade ice cream. There is a lot you can do with desserts like a nice dish of dirt or a margarita pie.


When it comes to serving cool drinks for hot times don't forget the iced tea. Coordinate your drinks with the meal and the season. A nice cold Sangria will go great with grilled foods. There are also a lot of cool, refreshing summer cocktails you can choose from. Of course, no great cookout is complete without beer.