3 Vintage-Inspired Men's Crochet Hat Patterns

From Vintage Crochet Hats and Accessories Book

Kathryn Fulton's crochet book (Vintage Crochet Hats and Accessories) is filled with nearly two dozen crochet patterns that are absolutely contemporary in style but have been inspired by designs from the past. I knew that I would like the book before I even opened it because I was instantly drawn to the cloche hat design on its cover. I often love the romance and beauty of vintage-inspired crochet designs and I appreciate that they give a nod to the history of the craft as well as to the...MORE history of fashion.

What surprised me, however, was that there were several men's crochet hat patterns included in this collection. I haven't seen too many ​vintage-inspired crochet books that incorporate patterns for men. What surprised me even more, actually, was that these patterns were among my very favorite crochet patterns in the book!

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    Tam O'Shanter

    Tam O'Shanter
    Tam O'Shanter Crochet Hat. Stackpole Books, Tiffany Blackstone

    I love pretty much everything about this crochet hat pattern. I love that it's based off of a hat that's been worn since the 15th Century. I love that it's a crochet version of a hat that's typically made in other forms of wool. I love that it's got such amazing structure to the design. I love that that pom on it manages to look closely. It's the kind of hat that could work as a costume piece but it could also be worn by the right cheeky guy able to pull it off.

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    Brewer's Stocking Cap

    Brewer's Stocking Cap
    Vintage Brewer's Crochet Stocking Cap. Stackpole Books, Tiffany Blackstone

    The funny thing about this crochet pattern is that it's a similar color to the Tam O'Shanter and it also has a pom of sorts on the top of it, and yet the two crochet patterns couldn't look more different! It speaks to the versatility of crochet design! The Brewer's Stocking Cap isn't as old as the Tam O'Shanter in terms of fashion but it's based on one of the oldest available crochet patterns, a pattern that dates back to approximately 1901. 

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    Classic Fedora

    Fedora Crochet Hat
    Fedora Crochet Hat. Stackpole Books, Tiffany Blackstone

    In many ways, the Classic Fedora is actually similar to the Tam O'Shanter, too. The Tam O'Shanter was originally made from tartan wool, while the fedora was made from a single piece of felt. They both have a highly structured stand-up-straight design. But of course, the fedora dates back to around the 1920s and the end result of the construction is very different in appearance from the Tam. This terrific look is super stylish and possibly the most wearable of the three men's crochet...MORE hat designs in this book.