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Previewed at New York Toy Fair 2016 in the Just Play showroom was Mermaid Magic Princess Sofia. Princess Sofia, from Disney Junior's Sofia the First, has been featured as a mermaid a handful of times in the animated series, including Sofia the First: The Floating Castle and Cool Hand Fluke. (For those who don't watch the show, Sofia's purple amulet has the power to help her understand animals and do cool things like transform into a mermaid if she needs to, as long, of course, as she...MORE uses its powers for good!)

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    Mermaid Magic Princess Sofia is cool for a few different reasons.

    Mermaid Magic Sofia The First (Just Play)
    Mermaid Magic Sofia The First (Just Play). ABS

    Here's the gist: Mermaid Magic Princess Sofia is a 12" Mermaid inspired doll that is perfect for bath time. After you turn her on using the switch at the base of her tail, Sofia will come to life. Press her amulet and 'Moment to Shine' will begin to play. That's not all. While Sofia is singing, her tail displays a magical light show that moves up and down her tail in different colors. On top of all that, this doll is water safe and has a tail that will glide through the...MORE water. Sofia takes 3 AG13 button batteries, included.

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    Sofia is ready to swim.

    Mermaid Magic Sofia The First (Just Play)
    Mermaid Magic Sofia The First (Just Play). ABS

    This large scale Sofia has a purple mermaid tail with flowers, shells and star fish. She wears a purple skirt on her hips that looks great with the tail. Moving upwards, her swimsuit top is molded on and purple, like her skirt and tail. Front and center is her purple amulet, of course!

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    Her face is super cute!

    Mermaid Magic Sofia The First (Just Play)
    Mermaid Magic Sofia The First (Just Play). ABS

    Sofia has large blue eyes and wears a happy smile on her face. Her face is clean of make up. Sofia's hair is pulled back with a tiara. The back of the box shows her with a head full of sausage curls. However, the Sofia in the package has far less curls. Mostly, the curls lay at the bottom of her hair. I imagine the curls would get lost eventually with lots of active water play, though.  Because of that, Sofia comes with a comb, which will surely be getting lots of action if your child plays...MORE with this during their baths.

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    Sofia has limited articulation.

    Mermaid Magic Sofia The First (Just Play)
    Mermaid Magic Sofia The First (Just Play). ABS

    Her arms go up and down and her head will turn, but that's about it. I expected her tail to be able to move up and down, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Mermaid Magic Sofia is a pretty neat doll and for the right child, it could be a huge hit! Sofia can be found at your favorite toy store.

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    There's even more where that came from!

    Sofia the First Castle Bedroom Play Set
    Sofia the First Castle Bedroom Play Set. Just Play

    The Sofia the First Castle Bedroom Play Set is perfect for Just Play's 3.5" small dolls! This fold up bedroom set features a fold-down bed, vanity table with mirror, 2 chairs, table and other small accessories. To add to the fun, you also get a small scale Sofia doll, making this play set lots of fun!

    Also available for purchase are other small doll characters, like Amber and her Cat. You can add to your Sofia the First world with her Royal Horse and Carriage Play Set!

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    And let's not forget her more 'huggable' friends.

    Bean Plush Crackle (Just Play)
    Bean Plush Crackle (Just Play). Just Play

    Crackle, Sofia's friendly dragon friend, Minimus, Sofia's friendly steed, and Clover, Sofia's usually hungry rabbit cohort, are are re-created in bean plush form! These bean plush toys are huggable and soft, made with fabrics with glittery accents.

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    In the mood for a little surprise?

    Blind Bag
    Blind Bag. Just Play

    I've said it once and I'll say it again. Blind bags are all the rage right now in the toy world. At toy fair, nearly all the big players (and many of the small players) had at least one kind of blind bag on display. Just Play was no exception. They had blind bags for a few different properties, if I'm remembering correctly, and Sofia the First was one of them! Inside these blind bags, you have the chance of finding one of ten figures, including Sofia, Amber, James and others. Find a...MORE Sofia with a sparkly dress? That's a rare one and is sure to make any child's day ten times better!

You can find these online and at your favorite toy store. Check back for more reviews on cool toys like this soon!