A Home for Metal and Wood Feng Shui Elements People

Tips to Create Good Feng Shui for Metal and Wood Birth Elements Combination

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When you have to create a harmonious feng shui home for the so-called destructive or challenging feng shui birth elements combination of Metal and Wood, be patient. It is fully possible to create a nourishing home to support both feng shui birth elements, but it takes time and effort.

In very simple terms, the interaction of Metal and Wood feng shui elements is considered destructive because metal cuts the wood.

What this means in terms of energy exchange between people with these two elements is that, most probably, the person with the Metal feng shui birth element might be too harsh towards the Wood element person, thus creating the possibility of a potentially difficult interaction.

When you have this feng shui birth elements combination with your child, your parent, your spouse or between siblings, you sure want to minimize the friction and create more harmony at home.

The feng shui strategy with this or other challenging feng shui birth elements is to introduce a feng shui element (or elements) that will balance out a challenging energy exchange.

In case of Metal and Wood feng shui birth elements combination you need to introduce the following element:

  • Water feng shui element. Water element will weaken the Metal energy and nourish the Wood. This feng shui cure/ approach works well because water is draining the energy of Metal in a gentle way, at the same time supporting the Wood to the maximum.
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Be sure you have a good understanding of colors as expressions of specific feng shui elements, as well as popular decor items as feng shui element cures for your home.

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