Metallic Wall Finishes

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    Metallic Wall Finishes

    Glitter gold marbled paint swirl patterns
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    Many people have come to associate going green with giving something up. Though many home improvement projects that increase energy efficiency, for example, are pretty utilitarian, renovating green doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style. Speaking of 'pretty,' here are several ideas to incorporate metallic wall finishes that are surprisingly eco-friendly.

    Metallic Paint

    With the Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection, you can add a little sparkle to your wood trim or paint an entire wall a luminous, metallic shade. The paints contain metal particles and pearlescent pigments for a realistic effect, but they are water-based and low-VOC. Modern Masters also sells Venetian and metallic plasters as well as ShimmerStone, a trowel-applied wall finish that mimics subtly layered stone or raw silk. 

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    Glass Bead Wall Covering

    Glass Bead Wallpaper,

    From a distance, Enchanting Glass Bead Wall Covering looks like glitter. But up close, you can see thousands of tiny glass beads that comprise this sparkly wallcovering. Enchanting is a flexible wallcovering available in 54" rolls, and it is PVC- and formaldehyde-free and contains no heavy metals. Choose from 37 different colors to create a dramatic accent wall within any space.

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    Handmade Metal Leaf Wallpaper

    2450 Gold Princess Leia, Studio E Inc.

    For a truly high-end look, Studio E offers a line of handmade metal leaf wallpapers that are smooth, dense and finished with varnish for extra durability. Even the studio is "green" in that it uses no large machinery, is naturally lit, and the paper contains no toxins or vinyls, which can off-gas VOCs. Studio E also uses water-based paints and post-consumer recycled poly/cellulose fiber.

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    Recycled Metal Tile

    Tiles background
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    If you like disco balls, then you'll love the look of EcoFriendly Flooring recycled metal tile for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom. For those who aren't into the BeeGees, these tiles are available in a range of sizes (up to 1'x1') and a variety of finishes including satin and hammered metal, aside from the mirrored mosaic look. They are made from either 100% recycled aluminum or brass.