Precious Metals: Metallic Wallpaper

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    19 Metallic Wallpaper Prints for Nurseries & Kids' Rooms

    Photo via Sissy and Marley.

    Inspired by the current metallic trend? Stake your claim in the new nursery gold rush with sparkling, metallic wallpaper!

    No need to dig for these precious metals. We’ve already turned up some real gems, and we’re more than happy to share! Just keep scrolling through these shimmering beauties until you strike design gold!


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    Petal Pusher

    Photo via Little Crown Interiors.

    A classic, floral print goes glam with a modern scale and a metallic-gold sparkle.

    Little Crown Interiors, $125.00 per roll.

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    Turquoise & Gold Mosaic

    Photo Layla Grace.

    A glimmering, gold mosaic on a deep turquoise background.

    Layla Grace, $110.00 per roll. 

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    Photo via Urban Outfitters.

    A metallic-silver damask on a vibrant coral background. Also available in black. 

    Urban Outfitters,  $98.00 per roll.

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    Metallic Stag

    Photo via Anthropologie.

    Whimsical, woodland-themed wallpaper featuring golden stags on texture-rich kraft paper.

    Anthropologie, $49.95 per roll. 

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    Superfresco Flourish

    Photo via Layla Grace.

    A large-scale, floral print in rich teal and metallic gold. Also available in both black and silver and white and silver. 

    Layla Grace, $50.00 per roll. 

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    Metropolitan Fret Moonstone

    Photo via Layla Grace.

    Shimmering, glass-bead embellishments make this geometric beauty shine. 

    Layla Grace, $164.00 per roll. 

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    Photo via Burke Decor.

    This metallic beauty in chic champagne and grey is printed on temporary wallpaper, making it both removable and repositionable.

    Burke Décor, $98.00 per roll.  

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    Silver Fern

    Photo via Burke Decor.

    Icy-grey fronds scattered on a bed of metallic silver.

    Burke Décor, $80.00 per roll. 

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    Lucky Star

    Photo via Burke Decor.

    A bold and cheery print featuring metallic-silver stars.

    Burke Décor, $170.00 per roll. 

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    Great Expectations

    Photo via Burke Decor.

    A whimsical sketch of an urban cityscape in metallic-silver and grey.

    Burke Décor, $44.00 per roll. 

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    Kasari Ikat

    Photo via Layla Grace.

    Inspired by the Ikat patterns of traditional Indonesian textiles, this beautiful print boasts a carefully crafted, metallic-gold chevron pattern set against an aquamarine background.

    Layla Grace, $84.00 per roll. 

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    Golden Honeycomb

    Photo via Burke Decor.

    A sweet, little honeycomb print in a complimentary assortment of shimmering golds.

    Burke Décor, $70.00 per roll.