Method Kitchen All Surface Cleaner

Method Kitchen All Surface Cleaner
Method's Kitchen All Surface Cleaner. Method Home Care

Although this particular spray from Method has been discontinued, their All-Purpose Cleaner Spray comes in quite a few scents that would make good replacements.  For something different to try cleaning the kitchen, I recommend the Method All-Purpose Clementine, Lemon Mint, or Lime and Sea Salt fragrances.  These products will all cut grease and make surfaces in the kitchen sparkling clean.  Method also has several specialty cleaners designed for wood and granite.

They also carry two Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaners in Wildflower and Bamboo scents. Any of these would make a good replacement for the Kitchen All-Surface Cleaner.

A good kitchen cleaner has to be able to clean multiple surface types and multiple kinds of messes with ease and freshness. Method is right on target with their Kitchen All Surface Grapefruit Mandarin Cleaner. This versatile and fresh cleaner can work on appliances, countertops, cutting boards and as well as be safe for granite and marble. The aromatic scented spray leaves a kitchen gleaming and smelling fresh and pleasant.  It can cut grease and lift tough food stains even though it isn't antibacterial.


  • Method Kitchen Cleaner is safe for granite and marble as well as most other surfaces.
  • Method Kitchen Cleaner can be used on countertops, stovetops, cutting boards, appliances, etc.
  • Method Kitchen Cleaner is derived from natural ingredients and is biodegradable.
  • Method Kitchen Cleaner works on grease, dirt, and grime.
  • The grapefruit mandarin scent of Method Kitchen Cleaner is fresh and beautiful.


  • Method Kitchen Cleaner is not antibacterial, a turnoff for some consumers.


  • Method All Surface Kitchen Cleaner works on many types of surfaces including granite and marble.
  • The spray is derived from natural ingredients and is non-hazardous and biodegradable.
  • 21 oz. of Method All Surface Kitchen Cleaner retails for less than $4.00.

Guide Review - Method Kitchen All Surface Cleaner

Method's Kitchen All Surface Cleaner worked wonders in my kitchen. Tackling grease, dust, grime, and food spills with ease, the spray also filled the kitchen with a soft grapefruit mandarin scent. The naturally derived formula is also biodegradable and contains no harsh chemicals, which makes cleaning kitchen areas that come into contact with our families and food a safer process.  I love Method's products since they are simple to use, better for my skin and the environment and smell amazing. If you are concerned, you can try the spray in a hidden area before spraying on the entire surface, but I've never had any surfaces damaged by Method's sprays.  They are great at cleaning and are still mild enough to be safe to use in most places.