Review: Method Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner

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The Bottom Line

This eco-friendly, non-toxic floor cleaner with a pleasant almond scent helped me get my floor cleaning methodology down to a "T," leaving me with shiny, clean, and streak-free hardwood floors. However, there were a few things that I found out about the ingredients that I didn't find so pleasing. Read on for more details.


  • Effectiveness: Cleans well leaving a nice shine and no streaking
  • Environmental Friendliness: Packaging made from 100% post-consumer content; eco-friendly, biodegradable product
  • Safety: Non-toxic product
  • Testing: No product testing on animals
  • Certifications: Cradle to Cradle, U.S. EPA's "Design for the Environment Program"


  • Scent: Only one scent available
  • Ingredients: A few are synthetic
  • Company transparency: MSDS not on company website and ingredients not fully disclosed


  • Type: Sealed hardwood and laminate floor cleaner
  • Size: 25 Fl. oz. (739 ml.)
  • Scent: Almond
  • Cost: $5.99
  • Ingredients: purified water, sodium bicarbonate, sodium sequin- carbonate, methoxy isopropanol, ethoxylated lauryl alcohol, fragrance oil blend, preservative, color

Company Background

The San Francisco-based company Method is owned by Ecover, the well-known European green cleaning manufacturer, making it the largest green cleaning company in the world! Known for its eco-friendly, stylishly designed cleaning and personal care products, Method has a reputation for coming out with unique designs that are pretty enough not to hide under the kitchen sink!

The method is a founding B Corporation, which means it uses the power of business to make a social and environmental change. Also, one of Method's missions is to use safe and sustainable materials that are manufactured responsibly, so they definitely have a commitment to being green. More information about its community involvement, sustainability practices, etc., can be found on Method's website.

Product Effectiveness

The well-designed bottle and dispenser cap made it easy to dispense the amount of product I needed without causing any "puddling." Also, I found the almond scent to be pleasant and not too strong. After dry mopping the product up, I was pleased that it didn't cause any streaking or leave any product build-up behind. I also found the price to be fairly competitive when compared to other green, wood floor cleaners, such as those mentioned in "Adore Your Wood Floors Again With These Eco-Friendly Cleaners!"

Health & Safety

This non-toxic product is recognized by the U.S. EPA's "Design for the Environment (DfE)" program for ingredient safety. When used normally, the MSDS states that no special protection is needed to protect the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. In cases of overexposure, the MSDS states that it may cause skin and eye irritation, or if inhaled, headaches or dizziness. For first-aid measures, the MSDS suggests rinsing the product with water if it gets on the skin and if gets into the eyes, to flush them with water for 15 minutes. In addition, it notes that if the product is swallowed, to drink a full glass of water or milk, induce vomiting, and contact poison control.

Environmental Notes

The product packaging is recyclable and made with 100% post-consumer content. Plus, the product ingredients are fully biodegradable. In addition, Method points out on its website that all its materials are assessed for health and environmental safety by the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA), which is an international scientific institute with a consulting perspective.

Company Transparency

Method says it's fully transparent, but the way it lists its ingredients is quasi-transparent. At the time this review was written, the active ingredients were fully disclosed on the website, but the fragrance, colorant, and preservative were not. Another problem is that the product label itself didn't list all the ingredients! Hopefully, Method will correct this to be more in alignment with its company philosophy.

Final Thoughts

This product was definitely easy to use and it did a great job at cleaning my hardwood floors. However, because not all the ingredients are known, I knocked off a few "points" for lack of full company transparency and for use of some synthetic ingredients.


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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.