Mexican Redknee Tarantulas as Pets

Mexican redknee tarantula
Tom Applegate/Moment/Getty Images

Scientific Name:

Brachypelma smithi

Common names: Mexican red knee, Mexican redknee.


Mexican redknee tarantulas reach a leg span of about 5 - 5.5 inches.

Life Span (females):

15-25 years (some sources say up to 30 years). As with other tarantulas, the males have a much shorter lifespan


A small (5-10 gallon) tank is suitable for Mexican redknee tarantulas. The width of the tank should be two to three times wider than the leg span of the spider wide, and only as tall as the spider's leg span.

2-3 inches of peat moss, soil, or vermiculite can be used as a substrate. Wood, cork bark, or half of a small clay flower pot can be used for a shelter/retreat.


75-80 F (24-30 C)




Crickets and other large insects (absolutely must be pesticide free), occasional pinky mouse.


Mexican redknee tarantulas are generally docile and calm.


This is the "classic" pet tarantula and has enjoyed tremendous popularity due to its beauty, temperament, and long lifespan.