MHP Optimum Series TJK Model Gas Grill

MHP Optimum Series (TJK) Gas Grill
MHP Optimum Series (TJK) Gas Grill. Modern Home Products

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This is the direct descendant of the first backyard gas grill. It is made to last with solid construction. This grill is a workhorse that really delivers. The large cast aluminum base and body with stainless steel components give it a good solid feel. MHP is known for high, even heating, and good grill performance.


  • Solid, durable construction
  • Even heating at 40,000 BTUs
  • Durable stainless steel burners


    • Lack of innovation in appearance gives this grill an outdated look.
    • Extra features, are just that, extra.


    • 434 Square inches of primary cooking area and a total of 645 square inches cooking surface
    • High profile lid gives lots of room from grilling the really big stuff
    • Traditional style ceramic briquettes protect the stainless steel burners and offer clean grilling
    • Heavy two piece stainless steel rod cooking grate for good searing
    • H type stainless steel dual burner
    • Rotary ignition
    • Gas guard regulator and leak detector delivers safe and reliable fuel
    • Sold propane or natural gas - convertible
    • Made in the United States by Modern Home Products

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    Guide Review - MHP Optimum Series TJK Model Gas Grill

    Modern Home Products (MHP) was the first company to produce gas grills for the backyard market. If you are accustomed to the gas grills of old, you'll find this a welcome choice. The no metal "flavor" plates in this grill, that has high-quality porcelain coated ceramic briquettes for even heat distribution, smoke creation and burner protection.

    This grill looks and performs like the grills that people once bought and kept for decades. MHP still builds them this way, built to last and to offer great grilling.

    If you are so inclined a full array of extra features including rear mounted rotisserie burner and side burner are offered but are not standard.

    If you do want to add on these additions, just know that they have the same quality construction as this very well built grill, but will increase the price. 

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