Michelle Ullman

Michelle Ullman is a freelance writer specializing in all aspects of home & garden, and an enthusiast for all things decorating.


Michelle has written hundreds of articles on every aspect of interior decorating, home cleaning and organization, home safety, entertaining and lifestyle, DIY, budget decorating and making educated purchases. Her articles are found on IdealHomeGarden.com, Smarter.com, RedStamp.com, Walmart.com and LiveLoveLux.com, to name just a few.


Michelle is mostly a self-taught decorator, with a love of home design since childhood. She prefers an eclectic style with plenty of country cottage and a touch of bright color. She's also an enthusiastic DIYer, and has done her own interior painting, stenciling, wallpapering, furniture refinishing, flooring and just about every type of craft.

Michelle Ullman

Ahhh, the bedroom. Is there anything more wonderful than sinking into your comfortable bed at the end of a long, hard day? My bedroom is my favorite space in my home -- my own private sanctuary. I look forward to helping you create your own much-loved bedroom.... a space that truly reflects your personal style.

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