SCADpad: A Micro Housing Experiment Designed by College Students

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    SCADpad is a Micro Dwelling Community

    Savannah College of Art and Design College

    Affordable urban housing poses a sticky wicket in areas where prime real estate is scarce. SCADPad is a micro-housing experiment created by students and professors at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta poses a solution: Repurpose old parking lots into tiny house communities.

    The project, which includes three living spaces, each the size of a standard parking space, unveiled in 2014. Since that time, a few enhancements were made based on feedback from the SCADPad community.  

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    SCADPad Asian Gets a New Look

    Savannah College of Art and Design College

    SCADPad “Asia,” was refreshed with updates that maximized square footage.

    The unit's space hogging floor bed was replaced with a room opening loft bed. It created space for a small living area. The micro home's wooden draws with rope handles is an equally bright idea that transformed wasted vertical space into useful storage. 

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    SCADPad: Bubble Lounge


    SCADPad's common space was also spruced up. A favorite addition is a retro-inspired lounge that features three acrylic bubble swings. When swung they trigger a machine that blows bubbles.

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    SCADPad: Idea Space


    When you live in a pint-sized pad, common space is necessary. Not only does it give you a place to straight your legs, but it also allows you to connect easily with others. The Idea Space is a communal area that allows SCADPad residents to do just that. The seating areas were thoughtfully designed to encourage interaction. 

    You can learn more about SCADpad here