Scope Out These 15 Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas

simple mcm tile in kitchen

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Mid-century modern style has experienced a major resurgence in recent years, with Eames replicas, tulip tables, walnut dressers, and more making their way into today's homes. And why stop there? If you're embarking on a tile project in your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or elsewhere within the home, you may wish to consider introducing mid-century modern designs into your space. After all, mid-century modern tiles are easy to incorporate into any room given that they're extremely versatile, come in a wide variety of colors, and can breathe so much energy into any room.

Mid-century modern tile is pretty easy to recognize due to its geometric look. "Popular mid-century modern tile was made from simple shapes, such as squares, rectangles, and hexagons," interior designer Karen Nepacena, of Destination Eichler, says. Nepacena specializes in creating mid-century modern style spaces and has creatively incorporated all types of tile into her projects, some of which are featured below. She notes that what differentiates mid-century modern tile from other styles is how it's installed. "Popular installation during the period was straight set or 'stacked' to give a repetitive, uniform look, versus a more traditional staggered or offset subway tile pattern."

Whether you crave colorful accents or are drawn to neutral designs, you won't want to miss the 15 beautiful spaces below that all feature different types of mid-century modern tile. Pick your favorite shapes and colors and get ready to liven up your home.

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    Say Yes to Blue and White

    blue and white shower tiles

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    Blue and white is a common color combination for the bathroom already, as it's reminiscent of water and sky. Note that mid-century modern tile is commonly used in bathrooms; you may come across it in backsplash form or within the shower, as seen above. "Tile works great in areas that can get wet," Nepacena says. And there's no reason to stick with simple hues, she adds. "To give a nod to mid-century style, look for tile in fun colors such as pastels such as yellow, mint green, or turquoise blue."

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    Create an Accent Wall

    blue and white accent wall with mirror

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    Why not use tile to create an accent wall in the bathroom? Here, blue and white tile pops above the sink. An accent wall adds flair to any space and is ideal for those who crave a bit of color but aren't full-on maximalists. Additionally, given that tile can be expensive, installing tile in a smaller area can be a great way to jazz up your space without breaking the bank.

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    Mix and Match Tile Styles

    black and white shower tiles

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    This geometric shower tile is bound to wake you up as you get ready for the day! Of course, you can always draw inspiration from a variety of time periods in your home. Here, the MCM tile complements the adjoining penny tile—which is associated with bathrooms of the early 20th century—perfectly.

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    Embrace Color in the Kitchen

    colorful kitchen backsplash

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    Let's get cooking! Make meal prep feel like an exciting adventure by coating your kitchen walls with a fun triangular backsplash tile pattern. Blues, yellows, and other hues are unexpected in this type of space but add lots of energy.

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    Stay Classic With Black and White

    black and white tile backsplash

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    On the other hand, perhaps your kitchen features colorful cabinets and you're looking to keep your tile colors a bit more simple. Black and white is a timeless pairing and still adds plenty of pizzazz to this kitchen.

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    Make Your Entryway Sing

    triangle tile floor

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    Mid-century modern tile makes a splash in the entryway of this Liverpool, UK, home. If you wish to extend the use of such tile to the living room or even into the backyard, by all means, go ahead and do so. "Mid-century modern tile also works well for areas like fireplaces, which commonly were built with tile hearths and surrounds," Nepacena says. "Mid-century modern tile can also be used in outdoor areas, such as in an outdoor kitchen to swimming pools."

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    Get Wiggly

    blue and white backsplash

    @travissmithstyle / Instagram

    Who says kitchens have to be all white? In this cooking space, blue and white tile featuring a curvy design adds plenty of visual interest above the countertops.

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    Play With Multiple Patterns

    circular kitchen backsplash

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    Say hello to circles! This funky pattern is featured in the same kitchen shown in the previous photo and proves that mixing and matching different types of mid-century tiles in the same space is completely fair game.

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    Install Wow-Worthy Floors

    diamond shaped floor tile

    Design: Emily Henderson / Photo: Tessa Neustadt

    Don't forget about the floors! Maybe you're hoping to keep your walls and backsplash more simple but are still looking to invite a pop of color into the room. This diamond shape pattern looks extremely elevated.

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    Bring on the Walnut

    geometric backsplash

    Annette Vartanian

    Mid-century modern spaces feature tons of natural wood detailing, and this kitchen is no exception. Just add patterned tile in the design of your choosing to complete the look.

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    Swap Out Your Existing Vanity

    black and gray bathroom floors

    Design: Kelley Irwin / Darby Kate Photography

    Black and gray certainly aren't boring in this bathroom! For a full mid-century modern look, consider swapping out your builder-grade vanity and bringing in an authentic MCM chest for a cohesive look.

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    Create an Optical Illusion

    3-d looking tile flooring

    Design: Leslie Price / Photo: Treve Johnson

    This floor has us seeing double! In this otherwise neutral bathroom, a bold floor is truly the star of the show.

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    Wake Up to Pink and Red

    red and pink and gray bathroom tile

    Design: Destination Eichler / Photo: John Shum

    While we don't see pink and red used in the bathroom ultra frequently, there's no reason to steer clear of these peppy hues if they make you happy. After all, this shower is certainly a stunner.

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    Opt for a Forever Fave

    blue and white tile backsplash

    Design: Destination Eichler / Photo: John Shum

    Blue and white is a timeless color combo, whether your aesthetic leans grandmillennial, coastal, or yes, even mid-century modern. Here, a bold cobalt pairs nicely with wooden accents in an airy kitchen.

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    Dress Up Your Shower

    blue, white, and green shower tiles

    Design: Destination Eichler / Photo: Dibble Photo

    Make a statement wall in the shower with eye-catching tiles. These squares also play tricks on the eye, while the remaining walls are covered in simple subway tile to balance things out.