The Best Middle School Graduation Gifts

Celebrate your teen with gifts they'll actually use

Middle school graduation marks a transition time for your teen; ​they're halfway through their education and are about to enter a whole new world as a high schooler. Celebrate this big moment in their life with graduation gifts that range from keepsakes to practical items they'll use for the rest of his academic days.

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    Graduation Party

    Graduation Party

    Kick off your teen's summer with a graduation party. This is a fun way to congratulate your teen and their friends and send them off to high school with good memories from middle school. Graduation parties are simple to plan. Print your own graduation party invitations and make graduation party-themed recipes for the affordable celebration they deserve. 

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    Digital Camera

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    Your middle schooler is about to embark on one of the most memorable journeys of their life: high school. Over the next four years, they'll be going to dances, on class trips, making new friends, and creating unforgettable memories. With a digital camera, your teen will be able to capture quality moments so they can always revisit these special times, places, and faces.

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    Cell Phone

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    If you've been holding out from buying your teen a cell phone, now may be the perfect time. With a busy schedule and list of growing activities, they'll always be just a phone call away. If you're worried about their phone use, try writing a cell phone contract or use parental controls to manage their phone's activity.

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    travel laptop, lightweight business travel laptop, lg gram
    LG gram laptop computer. LG

    High School marks the years where grades count, college talk begins, and homework becomes even more challenging. A laptop can be an ideal middle school graduation gift because your teen will be excited about getting their own computer that they can use for school and play. 

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    Magazine Subscription

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    In the internet age, magazines are often overlooked as a gift, but getting your teen to sit down and read about something they enjoy is a wonderful present. From teen fashion and beauty to travel and cooking, there are many different magazines to choose from depending on their interests or aspirations.

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    Cash in a Graduation-Themed Money Holder

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    Nothing speaks to graduates like cash. But instead of handing your teen some money or sliding it inside a card, get a graduation-themed money holder. These holders usually feature a cute pouch you can stuff cash in to make the gift more meaningful.

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    Graduation Flowers

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    Flowers may seem like a temporary gift, but they're a classic gift to present to your graduate after they walk across the stage. Want to keep the blooms forever? Before the flowers start to wither, dry them for a beautiful treasure that'll last years. 

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    It's all about time with teens. With a new, busy schedule, give your graduate a nice watch so they can keep track of their activities, without having to constantly look at their phone. Trade in that cheap plastic digital watch for a grownup piece they'll keep for years to come.