Middle School Graduation Gifts

Middle school graduation marks a transition time for your child. He's about halfway through his education and entering a whole new world as a high schooler. Celebrate this big moment in his life with graduation gifts that range from keepsakes to practical items he'll use for the rest of his academic days.
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    Graduation Party

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    Kick off summer with a graduation party. This is a fun way to congratulate your child and his friends and send them off to high school with good memories from middle school. Graduation parties are simple to plan. Print your own graduation party invitations. Make graduation party-themed recipes. You can easily find graduation party supplies to throw an incredible graduation bash.

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    Digital Camera

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    Your middle schooler is about to embark on one of the most memorable journeys of his life: high school. Over the next four years, he'll be going to dances, on class trips, making new friends and creating unforgettable memories. With a digital camera, he'll be able to capture those moments so he'll always be able to revisit these special times, places and faces.
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    Mobile Phone

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    If you've been holding out from buying your child a mobile phone, now may be the time to take another look at getting him one. He'll be on the go more when he enters high school. Pretty soon, he'll be driving or riding in cars with his teen friends who can drive. He'll be going to high school sporting events. His list of activities is growing and you may feel more comfortable knowing he's just a phone call away. You can still have control over how he uses his phone. Write a...MORE cell phone contract and have him sign it so he agrees to the rules. You can also use parental controls to manage his mobile phone activities.
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    Here come those all-important years where grades count, college talk begins and homework becomes even more challenging. A netbook can be an ideal middle school graduation gift because your child will be excited about getting his own computer and you'll be giving him something he can use for school. You'll still want to take precautions to keep him safe online. He may think he's all grown up now that he's entering high school but teens are prone to cyberbullying.

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    Personalized Pen and Pencil Set

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    Keepsakes always make great gifts no matter what the occasion. A pen and pencil set can be personalized with his name, graduation year and even his school name. He may not use it every day because it's such a nice gift but he'll definitely keep it close.
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    Magazine Subscription

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    In the Internet age, magazines are often overlooked as a gift anymore. Getting him to sit down and read about something he enjoys is a wonderful present, though. While he may be too old for Highlights magazine and too young for Maxim, there are plenty of magazines for teens and their many interests.
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    Graduation Keepsake Box

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    Photos. A tassel. Jewelry. A graduation keepsake box can store all of your graduate's special items. Boxes can be engraved with your personal message, his name and graduation year.
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    Cash in a Graduation-Themed Money Holder

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    Nothing speaks to graduates like cash. But instead of handing him some money or sliding it inside a card, get a graduation-themed money holder. These holders usually feature a pouch you can stuff the cash in and they make the gift more meaningful.
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    Graduation Flowers

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    Flowers may seem like a temporary gift. A colorful bouquet of flowers can be enjoyed for many years, though. Before the flowers start to wither, dry them. Spend an afternoon together creating crafts from the flowers. Now your graduate isn't left with a bouquet of dead flowers. The result is a beautiful treasure.

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    A Watch

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    It's all about time with teens. With his busy schedule, he could use a nice watch. Trade in that cheap plastic digital watch with Spiderman on it for something a bit more mature. You don't have to spend a small fortune on the watch. But there are plenty of inexpensive watches on the market that will make it look like you did.