Miles from Tomorrowland Toy Spaceship

Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere Spaceship Toy
Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere Spaceship Toy. TOMY / Amazon

The toy aisles have dozens of options when it comes to vehicles. There are cars, construction vehicles, helicopters, train sets, and remote controlled cars and trucks. Some toys you do not often see in the toy aisles enough are space toys and space ships. 

STEM toys, are toys that promote a child's interest in science, technology, engineering and math. Because of the focus on STEM, you may find lots of construction toys.

Space ships, satellites and rocket ships though, unless they are part of the Star Wars toys collections, they are still few and far between.

Many children's interests evolve from their day-to-day life experiences. Movies and television shows excite them, especially in the preschool and early elementary age ranges. Preschoolers and kids in the early elementary age ranges generally like shows on Disney Junior, such as Miles from Tomorrowland and PJ Masks. Kids are kids, and what they watch on television they like to play with, too.

Miles Callisto and his family live in outer space and engage in intergalactic space missions with their friend Pip and robo-ostrich Merc. I'll never forget the time, when walking the toy aisles at Target my own son at 5-years-old almost launched himself into outer space with excitement when he got a first look at the Stellosphere, one of the Miles from Tomorrowland toys from TOMY.


The Stellosphere is the Miles from Tomorrowland toy space ship that is featured in the Miles from Tomorrowland animated show on Disney Junior. The Stellosphere is a 3-in-1 transforming spaceship. Even though it looks like 1 large toy, it is actually 4 toys in one. The main space ship is 18 inches long, but there are 3 smaller spaceships hidden inside.


The Stellosphere, or home base station, has doors that slide open revealing a sitting area and command station, which is a play area for the characters. Once the characters are placed inside the space ship chamber, a button can be pushed on the top of the toy. The characters have special glow-in-the-dark features when they are placed inside the charging station. 

The Mini-Star Jetter is a small ship with a cockpit area that characters can take on shorter adventures. The Zip Ship also has a cockpit area that Miles and friends use, just like in the show, for longer missions. 

The set arrives with 1 Miles character toy, but additional character figures can be bought separately. They nclude Loretta, Merc, Pipp and Phoebe.

On the bottom of the toy is the XVR system. These "wings" can be attached to any Miles from Tomorrowland vehicle with XVR features, and it will activate different lights and sounds. 

The hardest part of the assembly, like many toys, just involves using scissors to remove all of the pieces from the box. You will also need to apply several sticker decals on the 3 ships.

It honestly doesn't matter if your child even knows what Miles from Tomorrowland is, the Stellosphere is a well-designed toy with a lot of play options.

So, at some point, when Miles vanishes from their interest or favorites list, the Stellosphere is such a fun toy, that it will definitely still stay on the shelf or in the toy box. 

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