New Miles from Tomorrowland Toys and Games

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    Miles From Tomorrowland Toys

    Miles from Tomorrowland Mission Rover

    Miles from Tomorrowland is an animated, space-themed television show for preschool aged children. It airs on the Disney Junior channel.

    There are many different Miles from Tomorrowland toys and games.  Kids will love playing with these fun space-age vehicles and flying rocket toys that make unique sounds and light-up.

    Miles Callisto along with his parents, Phoebe (mother and ship captain) and Leo (mechanical engineer), older technology savvy sister Loretta and pet robo-Ostrich Merc engage in...MORE missions throughout the universe and galaxy. Along the way they will spend time as a family solving missions, meeting aliens and connecting the galaxy as part of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. 

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    3-in-1 Transforming Stellosphere

    Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere

    The Stellosphere playset is a 3-in-1 transforming spaceship. It includes a Mini Star Jetter, a Zip Ship and a cross vehicle rocket system (XVR). The XVR system can be added to any of the other compatible spaceships and vehicle toys, which will activate different lights and sounds. 

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    Miles from Tomorrowland Space Rover

    Miles from Tomorrowland Mission Rover

    The Miles From Tomorrowland Mars Rover is a mobile space lab. Miles receives his missions from Leo. Interchange pieces to use in the lab that include a grappling claw and a flash bean launcher. 

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    Miles from Tomorrowland Photon Flyer

    Miles from Tomorrowland Photo Flyer

    The Photon Flyer has 3 different modes. In Space Mode the wings light up. In Hyperspace Mode, pull the nose forward for laser beams. The XVR system from the Stellosphere also offers wings and different lights and sounds. 

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    Miles from Tomorrowland Duplo Toys

    Duplo Miles from Tomorrowland

    The LEGO Duplo Miles Stellosphere Hangar offers toddlers and preschool aged children a way to play with their favorite Miles characters. Using larger DUPLO blocks, kids build their playset by following step-by-step directions. 

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    Miles from Tomorrowland Rapscallion

    Miles From Tomorrowland Rapscallion Spaceship

    The Miles from Tomorrowland Rapscallion not only launches flash beams, but the main ship can transform into 2 different ships. The Rapscallion includes an escape pod to disappear from the Space Guard Police,  Stealth flyer mode to fly "under the space police radar" or an Escape Pod. Set includes a Dashiell Scamp action figure.

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    Maximum Miles, Miles from Tomorrowland Toy

    Maximum Miles from Tomorrowland Toy

    Miles, the key character in Miles form Tomorrowland, is a talking action figure, Maximum Miles. Miles sits and rides on his pet robo-Ostrich, Merc. The toy includes Miles' favorite toys and gadgets, a Laserang and a blastboard.

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    Maximum Merc Miles from Tomorrowland Toy

    Maximum Merc Miles from Tomorrowland

    Kids are in love with Merc, Mile's pet ostrich. Merc has a long, extending neck and telescopic eyes. He also makes sounds. Just like in the show, Miles can ride on his back.

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    Superstellar Blastboard

    Superstellar Blastboard

    The Superstellar Blastboard game will help children test their balance and they pretend to be Miles flying through space. Players can pretend to be like Miles from Tomorrowland and stand on the blastboard, while playing games like "Blastboard Surfing." In the "Light Speed" game, players will stand on the board and lean back and forth towards blinking lights. 

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    Astrotilt Game from Wonder Forge

    Miles from Tomorrowland Astro Tilt game
    Wonder Forge

    Wonder Forge makes many family board games that feature popular Disney characters. In the Miles from Tomorrowland Astrotilt game, players listen to and follow directions from Tomorrowland Mission Control. Players react by tilting a tablet to maneuver the space ship and flick items from their wrist to dodge asteroids.

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    Rockin Rocket Game from Wonder Forge

    Miles from Tomorrowland Rockin Rocket Game
    Wonder Forge

    The Rockin Rocket board game from Wonder Forge, features the Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere. Kids spin the spinner and take turns in the strategy game. The goal is place space cargo on the board and keep the Stellosphere safely balanced.