Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs

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    Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs

    Miles Redd Decorating Style
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    One of the most amazing things about interior design is how it’s constantly evolving. In every era, people find ways to develop their own unique take on what’s modern and appealing in interior style, and each of these styles speaks to the moment and the culture and the people that created it. And while the actual moments in which these aesthetics were born and thrived may have passed, the styles themselves continue to be recognizable. If we listen, they can tell us a lot about who we were and...MORE what was important to us in those times. Set down together, they can create a kind of map, as we see the influences that each period drew from and what it emphasized, as well as the influence that it exerted on the periods that followed. Today, we are well on our way to determining what modern décor will be in our time. And perhaps, in time history will look back and learn something of us from the clean lines, neutral palettes and minimalist details that define so much of our present moment. But if history looks closely enough, it will always find that no design aesthetic is unanimous. Convention always has its dissenters. And it just might be that when the design voices of the early 21st century are up for collective examination, there will be no clearer or stronger statement for the opposition than that made by Miles Redd.

    Known for his eclectic style, clear appreciation for color, and innovative approach which sees classic design motifs mixed liberally with fresh and updated details, Redd’s talents have been widely seen and celebrated across the world of design. By employing traditional techniques and modern sensibilities in nearly equal measure, the designer has developed a special talent for creating rooms that are extravagant and comfortable.

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    Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs

    House designed by Miles Redd
    Architectural Digest

    Miles Redd began his career working under John Rosselli before moving on soon thereafter to work with famed designer, Bunny Williams. Eventually, Redd would open his own design firm and begin the process of creating the iconic look that is the center of the Miles Redd brand. Over the course of his well-followed career, Redd has been seen on various covers and in numerous features for several top design magazines including Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Domino, and more....MORE Though the aesthetic of his work is never anything less than expansive, the quality that most stands out in his interiors is a commitment to adding special, personalized touches that resonate with each of his clients on an individual level. 

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    Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs

    Miles Redd Bahamas vacation home
    Architectural Digest

    After working as the creative director of Oscar de la Renta Home for more than ten years, Redd embarked on yet another professional journey, this time into the world of product design. He began designing his own fabrics and wall coverings and fabrics for Schumacher, Patterson Flynn Martin’s father company. Much like his room designs, Redd’s collection of wallpaper and fabrics also utilizes a colorful palette, geometric details, stripes, and similar artistic inspirations to craft a collection in...MORE which each piece serves to complement the others.

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    Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs

    The Big Book of Chic

    In addition to his growing body of design work, in 2012, Redd published his first design book, The Big Book of Chic. The release was met with critical acclaim. The book features an extensive collection and review of the designer’s work, as well as important notes on the sources of his inspiration as a designer and an artist. In an excerpt from the introduction, Redd defines the outlook of the book, describing it as being about “dreams coming true; the curiosities in the rooms I have decorated;...MORE and the people, artists, and places that have inspired me…[it is] a very personal blend of work and fantasy."

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    Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs

    Miles Redd dining room
    House Beautiful

    Throughout his forays into other areas of the industry, Redd's interior design portfolio has only continued to grow. Most recently, the designer undertook the expansive and intensely personal project of conducting a complete redesign of the house that he lived in as a child. Redd originally hails from the affluent Buckhead district of Atlanta, where he grew up with his parents and sister surrounded by Georgia’s rolling hills and expansive blue skies. Though persuading his mother to allow him...MORE access to the family home in a design capacity to years of insistent cajoling, Redd finally prevailed and got to take a serious stab at refreshing his childhood home. And, clearly, he made the most of the opportunity. In every room, the finished product sees Redd's attention to detail and love of colors—particularly blue, green, and yellow—all put to good use in placing all of the Southern sensibilities on proud display. At the same time, various modern, Manhattan influences can be seen mixed in with the classic themes. In addition, the layered prints and fabrics scattered throughout the home provide both depth and texture. Despite her initial misgivings, Redd's mother deeply approved of his reimagining of the family home. “I love walking around this house I've lived in for decades,"  she says, "and I don't even recognize it!"

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    Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs

    Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs
    Photographer: Drew Weseley. AphroChic

    In yet another new venture, June of this year saw the designer debuting his first ever collection of floor coverings at the Decoration & Design Building in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Created exclusively for Patterson Flynn Martin, the collection is comprised of twelve patterns - all of different size and scope—that are vastly different and yet still complementary. In keeping with his established fondness for helping people to bring personal touches to the home, the rugs are fully...MORE customizable, with every aspect—from the size, color, and even material type—completely changeable to suit the needs of the customer. The rugs feature a range of design motifs, seamlessly blending geometric patterns and deep, rich colors with organic textures in a way that feels luxurious, livable, and uniquely Miles Redd.

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    Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs

    Miles Redd Rugs
    Photographer: Drew Weseley. AphroChic

    Adding to the variety of Redd’s debut floor covering collection is the fact that it includes several different types of rugs. The collection includes pieces crafted in the style of traditional Dhurries—flatweave rugs typically found in India as floor coverings or carpets, as well as abacas, which are made of the strong fibers of Filippino banana trees. There are even takes on hand-woven rug styles from Morocco, Turkey, Kurdistan, and Tibet. Each pattern feels different depending on the texture,...MORE and every combination has the potential to completely transform a room into a space with depth and character. The variety of different textures and types present in this collection lends a global dimension to Redd's already extensive design portfolio while bringing a new sense of style to these centuries-old rug traditions.

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    Miles Redd Brings His Dramatic Decorating Style To Rugs

    Miles Redd Rug Detail
    Patterson Flynn Martin

    The collection is on trend in terms of each rug’s rich physical and visual textures. Inspired by a number of artists, architects and designers from Henri Matisse to Damien Hirst, Redd’s collection draws from a wide array of influences to create a cohesive, complementary line of floor coverings that could fit in every home. The deep, muted blues and warm touches of brown are plush and luxurious without feeling too grand or imposing. Redd’s collection is simply stunning, and we are so excited to...MORE see where he goes next.