Renewing a Driver's License While in the Military

Driver's License Renewal Laws by State

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A permanent change of station occurs when an active duty service member relocates to a different base. Often these moves involve moving from one state to another. When you make an out-of-state military move, you are faced with making a decision about your driver's license. Should you change it to your new state or do you renew your existing license in the state where it was issued? Sometimes you don't have a choice; the new state requires you to obtain a driver's license, but not always.

In some states, you can't claim residency with an out-of-state driver's license.

Because service members and their families make frequent moves, many states have created special driver's license renewal laws for military personnel and their dependents. These vary widely from state to state.

Before you make a decision about your driver's license, educate yourself in two key areas:

  • The renewal laws from the state where your license was issued.
  • Your new state's laws regarding changing an out-of-state license, including how the state determines residency. This is important because some states have stricter laws than others. Montana, for example, requires military spouses employed in the state to get a Montana driver's license within 90 days of being hired.

You'll be looking for residency requirements, the required forms of proof of identity, whether a vision test is required and whether you have to turn in your current driver's license before you can get a new one.

Driver's License Renewal Laws by State for Military

To learn how to renew your existing license or whether a new license is required, select the state you are moving to from this list.